Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ

June 28, 2012

We droved down to Bentonville, Arkansas to try a Latin cuisine restaurant for our lunch. When we arrived at the restaurant we noticed on the sign that they are serving Italian foods. We don’t need pasta meals so we decided to go to Gold Town Sushi and Korean BBQ. My husband and I both liked our food plus they have a good customer service. I ordered Beef Teriyaki and it tasted really good. We will definitely go back to this place again. My sister in-laws are coming to visit next week. I think it is a good idea to take them to this Korean restaurant when they visit us next Friday.

My husband’s sisters like to try to eat different foods every time they visit us and hopefully they will all like the restaurant just like my husband and I did. Then we stopped by at the Flea Market and Charles got some collectible cars for a great price. Charles also had his haircut today and he really looks more handsome. What can I say, he’s my boy and I am a very proud Mama!


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