How to Handle Customer Complaints

June 28, 2012

As a business owner things toady are more complex then ever before. Two of the things that every business today must deal with are customer complaints and scams of all sorts. Luckily there are experts available to help you find your way through the minefield of today’s economy. A premier leader in the fields of protecting businesses from scams and complaints, Marcus Evans. The Marcus Evans company has held more then a thousand conferences attended by many top companies, business managers and CEOs. What can the Marcus Evans bring to your customer satisfaction issues?

They focus on customer feedback and most importantly customer retention. Nothing will cost you customers as fast and as permanently as bad customer satisfaction. The other focus of Marcus Evans educational and conferences is how to protect vs. scams and scammers.  The marcus evans rip off conference and training has helped many companies. The most heinous and hardest to address our online scams and especially hackers. With the huge importance of the internet you must be protected.


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