I am excited to move to our new place

June 13, 2012

We are going to sign our papers tomorrow afternoon for our new place. I am so excited though moving is very stressful and not fun at all. I remember when we moved from Missouri down here to Arkansas. I was glad though that my husband’s friends were able to help us move our stuff and attached some of our appliances. For our next place I noticed we have a column mailbox and it is few steps away from our house which is not a bad thing. Charles and I can walk when we check our mail. 

Oh well, if you’re planning to upgrade your old mailbox to a new one, Mailbox Ixchange have the widest selections of any types of mailbox that you could ever want. These mailboxes are very stylish and have many different designs to choose from. Stone and  brick mailboxes are my personal favorite. They are very high quality and most of all affordable in price.


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