Isolation Technology

June 11, 2012

We finally found the house that my husband and I really both liked. And next week we are going to sign the paper works and purchase a new refrigerator. The reason why we are moving is our current neighborhood is too crowded and very noisy, plus the house next door to us is very trashy. How much worse would it be if  we lived close to a manufacturing company? I can’t take too much noise just like when my husband Doug plays his X-Box. There are though solutions to having too much noise, soundproofing can be used in your home or business if you need quiet or need to make a lot of noise. 

Isolation technology of course is available on the business side. Vibration and noise can be a devastating issue for some manufacturing and businesses can run into. Vibration can cause damage to your business’ structure and the local environment if left unchecked.  Law suits and zoning is also an issue. The local news covered a story where a small town south of us had a business with bad noise pollution. The city decided to change zoning laws to force the business to restructure its business practices.


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