We like Redbox

June 26, 2012

Sunday Doug got a Redbox rental. He got an email from Redbox saying all movie rentals were fifty cents off last weekend. Considering that they usually cost just $1.25 fifty cents off means movies are only seventy five cents. Well Doug decided to get the movie Chronicle as one of his friends Joe suggested it to him. I did not care to watch the movie so Doug set to watch it early Monday morning while Charles and me were still asleep. Ends up the DVD was broken.  

Doug called customer service at Red Box and they gave him two free rentals for calling about the broken DVD. That was great service and he really appreciated it. I have found Redbox easy to use and they are everywhere around us. No wonder old Movie Rental stores like Movie Gallery and Blockbuster have taken such a big hit. We like the price and availability of Redbox and will keep using them.


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