Whitehall Address Plaque

June 17, 2012

Just two weeks away and we are moving to our new place. My husband and I are all excited and so is Charles. Our new place is located in a much nicer neighborhood and it has great appliances though we need to buy our own refrigerator. We did shop though shop for and found a refrigerator the other day. My husband and I both agreed that we like a side-by-side Samsung refrigerator at Best Buy. The other thing I noticed about our new place is it has a whitehall address plaque. The plaque looks nice as does our new place. 

Besides the great interior we are excited to move into a much better neighborhood. Even better for us is that it is close to my husband’s school. I can see our house number right away. Also my husband’s family and friends can easily find our new place once they visit this summer.


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