How to Make Yourself Look the Best

July 30, 2012

Many people today are meeting business partners and more importantly that special someone online. Problem is that many times video chats look horrible, this is where Video Chat Lighting comes into play. Video Chat Lighting is a product that vastly improves the lighting for your video chats. The before and after images with this product are quite jaw dropping. Basically this service uses illumination devices for video chats that improves not just the amount of light but the right ambience of light to make you look the best you can. 

The Video Chat Light was designed by a fashion photographer with nearly two decades of work for some of the top companies and magazines in the world. The Video Chat Lighting system has been used by many top companies including Vogue, Porsche, Calvin Kline, Nike and Elle plus others. Make yourself look the best you can and if you are not totally happy they have a 60 day guarantee.

Couponing Not to the Extreme

July 29, 2012

Over the last few months now I have been using coupons for some of my groceries. Though I don’t have any stock pile for any products because I am not using coupons to the extreme. Unlike those couponers featured on TLC’s, Extreme Couponing. Geez! Why someone has to stock up on hot sauce? I use coupons usually on hair care products, toothpaste and body washes. I have been collecting these products for a reason. I am planning to send a package for my family back in the Philippines. Hopefully, before the year ends my box would be full and I am going to send other stuff as well for them to enjoy.

I Want a New Laptop

July 28, 2012

I really want a new laptop. Of course though since we are a single income family price is of vital importance to us. What I needed to find was someplace that provided employee pricing at the source. Getting a great deal on quality products is so easy if you just know where to look. You are crazy if you pay full price in a retail store as many deals are available online.

Disappointed with My Self

July 27, 2012

I am a little disappointed with my self today. There are grab bag offers for my blog and I just clicked one right away without scrolling down. Noticed later there were higher payout rates and that is what I am so disappointed with. At least though this blog advertising site never forgets to assign task for my blogs every day and I am very thankful with that. I only have two blog advertising sites for my blogs and I am very pleased and grateful. Though the other day I was a little bit worried maybe I don’t get anymore assignments from the other site. As a blogger it is my responsibility to update my blogs every day which is what I am doing now.

Insanely Hot Weather

With the insanely hot weather I have spent way more time inside this summer then I have ever done before. While inside I have spent a fair share of the time on our laptop. One of the things I have done is look at places I would love to visit.  One of the top areas I would love to visit is Florida. I have found some great places at Florida Luxury Realty. I can just imagine how great it would be to visit any time of the year.

Now it would be nice to feel the ocean breeze and hear the surf each night like I could go back home in the Philippines. This winter it would be nice to escape from the cold wind and the snow. The place is a paradise good to visit anytime of the year. Plus there are so many things to do from golfing, boating, sunbathing and enjoying the beautiful views.

Teach Your Child How to Speak Your Language

July 26, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines and I know how parents want to have their children get a better quality education. For those parents who can afford to send their child to a private school have a  greater chances of learning more in school. Of course, your child can speak English fluently that’s what parents wants for their child. That’s what I want for my son, Charles as well. That is why I never spoke our dialect to him when he was born. My husband, Doug and his sisters keep telling me that I should speak to Charles with our dialect in the Philippines which is Waray-Waray and Tagalog. I know they are right. They just want Charles to be able to speak and understand my language when he visits to the Philippines with my family. 

So yesterday, I began speaking with Charles in Tagalog and he just looked and smiled at me and think I’m crazy. Every word I said, Charles will asked me; What’s that mean? Why you have so many languages? Why are you speaking in Spanish? My husband Doug, and I just laughed when Charles thought I was speaking to him in Spanish. I know Charles can easily learn our language. In fact, he can understand and speak Chinese and Spanish words just by watching shows on Nick and Nick JR which is amazing. Give your child the privilege and advantage by just teaching your child how to speak your language. In the long run you will thank yourself and be glad you did it.

Keep Your Gun Safe

My husband Doug has quite a few classical World War II firearms. He insists on keeping them in a gun safe for storage that he keeps locked. When traveling with them he has to have the best quality gun cases he could buy. Guns are very expensive and you have to protect your investment is what Doug says. I like them because they are lockable and secure so Charles cannot get into them.

Apartment Rentals in Calgary

Would it be wonderful to have your own apartment when you travel to another country? Own a business establishment right at the heart of the city? Well, if you’re planning to have any of these two you should look at apartment rentals Calgary. Having all the creature comforts of home is vital to long trips. I mean we all love going to new areas and having adventures. We also though loving coming home to a nice couch, a refrigerator full of drinks and of course a nice private bath that 200 people have not used in the last month. 

Vista Group Inc. owns and operates Calgary Apartments all for a very affordable price. They have been around for years and are helping clients just like you find the perfect place of your dreams. Vista Group Inc. is your rental services for any commercial and residential need in Calgary. Help Vista Group in growing their residential and business communities by choosing their services.

Top Chef Masters

July 25, 2012

I’m loving the new Top Chef Masters premiere on Bravo. How I wish I could cook like a Top Chef and have my own restaurant in the Philippines. Yeah, I can cook a little bit but I still like cooking the foods that I used to eat in the Philippines. At least though my husband, Doug and Charles likes to eat some Filipino dishes when I cook. Well, every night just keeps getting better of my Television shows on Bravo Network. I saw the commercial tonight, Flipping Out is back for a new season and I like this show. Though Real Housewives of Miami is back and they have a new cast. I am not really a big fan of Real Housewives of Miami on the first season. They are uninteresting to watch even though they live in Miami which is a nice place.

Justin, The New Food Network Star

July 22, 2012

Tonight we all watched the season finale of The Next Food Network Star. Of course by all of us I mean Doug and me, Charles watched Pocoyo through Netflix on Doug’s iPhone and then played Angry Birds Space. We were both happy that Justin Warner, won this season as he was easily the most interesting chef and had the most star quality. After The Next Food Network Star Doug went to the bedroom to watch his show on HBO, Newsroom & I watched my show Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Doug hates all the Real Housewives shows he calls them the Real Sluts of X. I though love the shows and the women are funny with all their crazy antics. Doug is deep into his yearly run of playing NCAA 13 on his X-Box. He always plays a Mizzou Dynasty with real players. It is not that bad to actually watch the games and Charles loves to play football on the floor. He is so funny running around, diving and yelling touchdown, Mizzou.

Almost Two Years

July 19, 2012

I can’t believed I have been on the blogosphere for almost two years now since I submitted my blogs to blog advertising sites. Happy to say that I only have two very consistent blog advertising sites that keeps giving online tasks to do. Though these sites don’t want to be mentioned on the web I just want to say thank you so much for all the gb’s and assignments. Yesterday, I got gb’s for all of my three blogs and I love the payout rate as well. Unlike on the other blog advertising sites where I submitted my blogs. I have never heard anything from them nor get any tasks from those blog advertising sites which is kind of disappointing.

I Should Go Fishing

July 18, 2012

Just this week my husband, Doug took us to Beaver Lake for canoeing and kayaking with some kids off his wrestling team and their parents. It was a fun activity for team building though I didn’t ride on a canoe or do kayak. I admit I don’t know how to swim even though we lived closer to beach way back in the Philippines. The reason I went for the activity was I wanted to go fishing and have fresh fish on the grill for dinner. 

Though we didn’t catch any fish it was still a fun activity for the wrestling team. FishyPics gives me the reason that I should go fishing again while looking on those fish pictures they have. I have eaten fish my whole life and it is one of my favorite to eat. Besides, I want to post a picture on FishyPics when I caught a fish and show my family back in the Philippines to see  what they would think.

Save Money by not Eating at the Restaurants

July 17, 2012

My husband, Doug is the only one working in the family. It gives us the luxury of eating on restaurants probably 3-4 times a week. After thinking this habit it makes me think that we can save more money by not eating at the restaurants. Knowing we spend more eating at the restaurant than our grocery bills every week. I know how to cook and I love it. My husband can cook as well though he can’t chop onions, garlic or touch meat because he thinks its gross. Sometimes we always have this conversation what if I am the one working and he will stay in the house? Just like house husbands of Rogers, just kidding. I always said to him, Oh you can’t be a house husband. You can’t chop onions etc. Besides Doug, said that I am very particular the way he clean around the house and I want it on my way. 

Anyway, over the last few months I have been thinking making a blog post why we should lessen our eating at the restaurants. Well, have you been to the restaurant where the d├ęcor and curtains looks dusty and never washed in years and have funky smell? If you like Golden Corral, check it out why I am talking about it. Just a couple of weeks ago, we ate inside at McDonald’s on Walnut Street here in Rogers when my husband’s sisters and their cousin was visiting. Geez, this fast food chain had a disorganized crew and the place looks dirty. I don’t even want Charles to touch any of their play areas. It was sticky and yucky!

My Carpet Issue

I don’t consider myself a clean freak but I like to keep our house clean and organized, especially because I have a child. Just recently we have moved into our new house just a few days ago. I noticed our carpet needs to be clean all the way from the living room and to the bedrooms. This was probably caused by moving our things and furniture that made our carpet dirty. I did not like what I was seeing on our carpet. My husband, Doug, already knew my carpet issue and we are going to hire a carpet cleaner anytime soon. 

Upon browsing on the web, I stumble on this page, Ram. Ram Cleaning Service is your commercial, residential carpet cleaning and home maintenance service company. Aside from carpet cleaning, Ram also offers furnace and duck cleaning services to keep your air clean. With knowledgeable technicians that know how to get the job done right.

I Still Feel Blah

July 12, 2012

I can’t believed we’re in the middle of July already. Time flies really fast and I am thinking of my son Charles who’s birthday is just two months away. My husband’s sisters have had an idea of a picnic for his birthday and I am ok with that. For sure I need to decorate and have balloons on his birthday. Charles spoke with his aunt Connie tonight and he wants chocolate cake with cars decorations on it. My husband Doug, loves chocolate cake so it is just like hitting two birds in one stone.

Oh well, I have not really done many things for the last few days. My eyes were hurting really bad and I don’t feel like eating any foods now. I still feel blah but hopefully I can feel better for this weekend. Doug has a canoe float for his wrestling team Saturday and then latter a cookout. I think Charles will really enjoy the cookout though he is too young for the float trip.

Affordable Web Design

As a blogger I like my page and its design but I still would love to make it better.  I would loved to have a professional help me develop my pages and make them better. One website I have found that I would like to have help me with my blogs is Designpax is expert at Banner Ads, Logos, Icons, Websites, Facebook Pages and even Twitter Backgrounds. Having the versatility to do all these types of services is great but even better is each job is not a template design but totally professionally designed just for you.

Design Pax has up front fixed low prices so you know what you will owe, which is great for your budget. Incredible personalized services, at a low fixed rate would be sellers alone but Design Pax also offers great customer service. Customer service where you can actually talk to a person not a machine.

Offsite Disaster Recovery

July 10, 2012

Recently there was a huge malware scare with offsite hackers that could steal your information and bank accounting information. Just earlier this year my husband Doug had to totally reformat and rebuild our desktop because of a Trojan Virus that got onto our computer. As an individual this is a hassle, as a business it can be catastrophic. What you need is total offsite disaster recovery that can protect your business or even your individual computers.

Meditation Can Help You Relax

July 09, 2012

I have always had a problem sleeping. I have tried many types of sleeping pills and they never have really helped me at all, not even prescription ones. My husband always tell me that I should read a book or listen to music to help me fall asleep. I know meditation can help me as well but I have yet to really try it for myself. Meditation can help you relax your mind and focus on things that you need to work on. I am currently looking for some Meditation - Free MP3s that I can listen to at night on my iPhone. 

The best place I have found yet is at Besides my sleeping meditation has been found useful for relaxation techniques that actually decrease your heart rate and stress which makes you much healthier. Meditation also can help you in your personal relationships and even your career. Being able to focus and streamline yourself is useful in almost any aspect of your life.

Charles is a NASCAR Fan

My son, Charles was quite the show this weekend. He loves being with his Aunties and they loved dotting on him. Charles is the biggest 3 year old NASCAR fan in the world. Aunt Connie likes to go to antique stores and flea markets to collect depression glass. Charles likes to go to find NASCAR cars.  He hit the mother lode of NASCAR cars at a store and got a whopping ten 1:64 die-cast cars and one 1:43 scale car. The lady at the store was a fan of Charles’ favorite car and driver, Carl Edwards #99 and gave him a free Carl Edwards bear. 

Charles also loved swimming with Aunt Connie and diving and swimming under water. Later we ate brunch at Copeland’s and Charles ate french toast, bacon and brownies. Later after my sister in-laws left Charles got out my headbands and jumped around saying he was the top wrestler in Arkansas.  Maybe I will have to start sending Charles to practice with Doug and his team.

A baby girl

My husband’s friend, Jason recently had a baby girl. He got all the guys cigars of course. Jason got them cohiba cigars. Now Doug does not smoke but even he said that he loved the smell of the cigars. All of Doug and Jason’s friends loved the cigars though of course they could not smoke them in the hospital like all those old movies.

Looks like our internet is working

July 08, 2012

Finally! It looks like our internet is working for good now and it is faster than ever. For the last few days our internet connection is driving us nuts and today a technician came here to fix the problem. Hopefully this would last forever as I hate not having internet connection specially on my iPhone. Just a week ago I got a text message from AT&T that I exceeded my data plan for my iPhone and they are going to charge me $15. 

Heck, I have no idea when I am not connected to wireless internet every time I browse the internet they are going to charge every bit of it. I was frustrated and I am glad to have our internet connection back. Though my husband can't connect our DirecTV through our internet. Maybe it was the reason why our wireless internet quit working.

Cheap Business Liability Insurance

When you own a business there are many things to consider to make your finances work to own a profitable business. One hidden problem you may face is liability concerns. Many small businesses are one lawsuit from being bankrupt.  What you need as a small business owner is cheap business liability insurance.  Protect yourself and the future of your business today.

Omaha Steaks

My husband, Doug was born about an hour from Omaha in Northwest Missouri.  He tells me he always loved going to Omaha and loved eating steaks there. I myself love visiting Omaha and eating the great cuts of meat the city is so known for. You too can get great cuts like fillet mignon, strips and T-bones from Omaha Steaks.

AT&T really dropped the ball

July 01, 2012

Time flies so quickly. I can’t believe that we’re already in July and in just few months away is Charles 4th birthday. This week is a great week for us. We are moving into our new house tomorrow, and will spend our first night there.  Charles is looking forward to being reunited with all his toys. Tuesday our new refrigerator will be installed as well as our Direct TV set up. Unfortunately our internet will not be up until Friday, AT&T really dropped the ball for us on the internet. Then Tuesday night our town has their local fireworks show.  

Wednesday we will go to our friend, Rick’s house to watch another local firework show. My sister in-laws come down to visit this weekend as well. We are having a full and exciting week for sure this week. Now if this incessant heat would let up and maybe even have some rain everything would be perfect.