AT&T really dropped the ball

July 01, 2012

Time flies so quickly. I can’t believe that we’re already in July and in just few months away is Charles 4th birthday. This week is a great week for us. We are moving into our new house tomorrow, and will spend our first night there.  Charles is looking forward to being reunited with all his toys. Tuesday our new refrigerator will be installed as well as our Direct TV set up. Unfortunately our internet will not be up until Friday, AT&T really dropped the ball for us on the internet. Then Tuesday night our town has their local fireworks show.  

Wednesday we will go to our friend, Rick’s house to watch another local firework show. My sister in-laws come down to visit this weekend as well. We are having a full and exciting week for sure this week. Now if this incessant heat would let up and maybe even have some rain everything would be perfect.


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