Charles is a NASCAR Fan

July 09, 2012

My son, Charles was quite the show this weekend. He loves being with his Aunties and they loved dotting on him. Charles is the biggest 3 year old NASCAR fan in the world. Aunt Connie likes to go to antique stores and flea markets to collect depression glass. Charles likes to go to find NASCAR cars.  He hit the mother lode of NASCAR cars at a store and got a whopping ten 1:64 die-cast cars and one 1:43 scale car. The lady at the store was a fan of Charles’ favorite car and driver, Carl Edwards #99 and gave him a free Carl Edwards bear. 

Charles also loved swimming with Aunt Connie and diving and swimming under water. Later we ate brunch at Copeland’s and Charles ate french toast, bacon and brownies. Later after my sister in-laws left Charles got out my headbands and jumped around saying he was the top wrestler in Arkansas.  Maybe I will have to start sending Charles to practice with Doug and his team.


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