I Should Go Fishing

July 18, 2012

Just this week my husband, Doug took us to Beaver Lake for canoeing and kayaking with some kids off his wrestling team and their parents. It was a fun activity for team building though I didn’t ride on a canoe or do kayak. I admit I don’t know how to swim even though we lived closer to beach way back in the Philippines. The reason I went for the activity was I wanted to go fishing and have fresh fish on the grill for dinner. 

Though we didn’t catch any fish it was still a fun activity for the wrestling team. FishyPics gives me the reason that I should go fishing again while looking on those fish pictures they have. I have eaten fish my whole life and it is one of my favorite to eat. Besides, I want to post a picture on FishyPics when I caught a fish and show my family back in the Philippines to see  what they would think.


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