I Still Feel Blah

July 12, 2012

I can’t believed we’re in the middle of July already. Time flies really fast and I am thinking of my son Charles who’s birthday is just two months away. My husband’s sisters have had an idea of a picnic for his birthday and I am ok with that. For sure I need to decorate and have balloons on his birthday. Charles spoke with his aunt Connie tonight and he wants chocolate cake with cars decorations on it. My husband Doug, loves chocolate cake so it is just like hitting two birds in one stone.

Oh well, I have not really done many things for the last few days. My eyes were hurting really bad and I don’t feel like eating any foods now. I still feel blah but hopefully I can feel better for this weekend. Doug has a canoe float for his wrestling team Saturday and then latter a cookout. I think Charles will really enjoy the cookout though he is too young for the float trip.


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