Justin, The New Food Network Star

July 22, 2012

Tonight we all watched the season finale of The Next Food Network Star. Of course by all of us I mean Doug and me, Charles watched Pocoyo through Netflix on Doug’s iPhone and then played Angry Birds Space. We were both happy that Justin Warner, won this season as he was easily the most interesting chef and had the most star quality. After The Next Food Network Star Doug went to the bedroom to watch his show on HBO, Newsroom & I watched my show Real Housewives of New Jersey. 

Doug hates all the Real Housewives shows he calls them the Real Sluts of X. I though love the shows and the women are funny with all their crazy antics. Doug is deep into his yearly run of playing NCAA 13 on his X-Box. He always plays a Mizzou Dynasty with real players. It is not that bad to actually watch the games and Charles loves to play football on the floor. He is so funny running around, diving and yelling touchdown, Mizzou.


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