Teach Your Child How to Speak Your Language

July 26, 2012

I am originally from the Philippines and I know how parents want to have their children get a better quality education. For those parents who can afford to send their child to a private school have a  greater chances of learning more in school. Of course, your child can speak English fluently that’s what parents wants for their child. That’s what I want for my son, Charles as well. That is why I never spoke our dialect to him when he was born. My husband, Doug and his sisters keep telling me that I should speak to Charles with our dialect in the Philippines which is Waray-Waray and Tagalog. I know they are right. They just want Charles to be able to speak and understand my language when he visits to the Philippines with my family. 

So yesterday, I began speaking with Charles in Tagalog and he just looked and smiled at me and think I’m crazy. Every word I said, Charles will asked me; What’s that mean? Why you have so many languages? Why are you speaking in Spanish? My husband Doug, and I just laughed when Charles thought I was speaking to him in Spanish. I know Charles can easily learn our language. In fact, he can understand and speak Chinese and Spanish words just by watching shows on Nick and Nick JR which is amazing. Give your child the privilege and advantage by just teaching your child how to speak your language. In the long run you will thank yourself and be glad you did it.


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