Hair Games For girls

August 29, 2012

I didn’t grow up with lots of toys to play with. As far as I remember we had one doll and I had to share it with my sister, Richel. Today, there are so many games that you can play online especially game for girls. What mom or aunt does not  like to play hair salon games with your daughters? Even though I don’t have a daughter we used to play hair games for girls with my niece, Sophia and she liked it a lot. This is the type of games for her to get creative and use her imagination while having fun playing the game. I really am intrigued by the Dressica website. It has many online girl games, it is great to have that many choices of games that you and your girls would love to play. Playing games with your girls is another way of getting to connect with your kids and to know more about your kids. It is a great way to connect with your kids through their imagination and creativity in choosing what she would like to look like. My sister in laws were talking last Christmas when we were visiting Tarkio about an old game they used to love playing, Mystery Date. It was remarkable all these years later how they laughed and had a great time talking about that game. If you never played Mystery Date you put together a random guy and girl that you represented. They loved talking about the clothes and hair styles that their dream guys and their personifications got to wear. Playing with dolls and Barbie’s were also something that they loved to talk about. Dressing and shaping their dolls to be what they dreamed and loved to do. Don’t be a stick in the mud and have those memorable times with your daughters.

Christmas Present for Me

Christmas is just 4 months away and I am eyeing a Michael Kors Grayson Large Satchel Logo for my Christmas present. Though I am a little apprehensive maybe the handbag online is fake so I have to check it first at Dillard’s and buy it at the store. But before that I need to save money first hehe… so I can buy the present for myself. Anyway what have you been up to or any plans for the remaining days of the month? As for me, we are planning to watch high school football when if it does not going to rain on us on Friday. Its kind of sucks I’m sure Charles is going to enjoy more in watching football than before. I wonder if  he will not yell touchdown Mizzou or Raiders when we are watching the game.

Charles Loved Mac & Cheese

August 28, 2012

I am glad my husband is home early tonight. For our dinner we had ham, corn, and macaroni and cheese. Charles loved the macaroni and cheese and he ate almost all of his food. My husband and I tried to let him eat the ham and corn and as usual he refused it. At least though he likes macaroni and cheese and he can eat it 3 times a day. Well, I have other stuff to do later after working with my blogs. Did some laundry earlier and it needs to be folded. Luckily, my husband always helps me in hanging up his shirts and putting our clothes in the closet and to my dresser. And my little helper Charles always is there to help us out in any way he can.


My husband Doug, and his friends are all huge gamers. You name it and they play it, board games, poker, card games, X-Box, computer games and even role playing games. In fact, once a month they have a get together with his friends just to play any games available. One thing I know is Rick, one of his friends loves to play sudoku games and he is into the game big time. Rick bought sudoku games at the store to keep him busy while waiting for his friends to come over and when he had back surgery a few years ago. Today, you can find free printable sudoku on the web without spending even a dime. Playing games like this are great brain boosters to test your knowledge and to work your brain out. The more you use your brain the better you can remember and think quick. I have been playing as well on my husbands phone. I have been playing sudoku and Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader. Even our son, Charles though only three loves to play games that test his skill and quick wits. There is nothing like learning and making yourself better while at the same time having a blast playing a game.

Yummy Pakbit

August 27, 2012

I am glad it didn’t rain during the Frisco Fest here in town for the last two days. My husband and other wrestling parents did a fundraiser for the wrestling fund and they sold snow cones. I like snow cones and it reminds me of the ice scramble in the Philippines that I used to buy after school. Oh well, just a few days left and August will come to an end. This September is Charles’ 4th birthday and we are all excited. All of his aunts already bought him gifts and Charles wants to know what they are. Of course it is a surprise for him. Anyway, I cooked my vegetables, squash and bitternut squash for lunch and it tasted really good. I put shrimp instead of pork though my son Charles, didn‘t eat it because he does not like shrimp and vegetables.

physics game

With so many games popping up on the web or on your smart phone it is hard to resist any of the games. I know you like me have many things you need to work on, but heck we all need to have some fun as well. My husband Doug, is one of those that loves playing games. Before bedtime he always checks his games on his iPhone first before anything else. Even our son Charles, is getting addicted to playing games on the laptop and both of our iPhones. Well Doug has a new game he loves to play on our laptop called happy wheels game. Doug loves playing this game though he says it is really too violent and intense for Charles who is only three years old. In the game you play as a comic character trying to get to the end of levels and eventually the game. Unfortunately or I guess I should say fortunately for Doug you can get mauled, disemboweled or decapitated as you try to finish the levels. Doug howls with laughter as he tries to complete the levels. Even better he says is when you watch your attempts end with some horrific death. Doug loves this game as much as any I have seen him play.

Charles Rode on a Ferris Wheel

August 25, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. We went to the Frisco Fest here in town and my husband helped some parents to sell snow cones for a wrestling fundraising. I know how my husband is getting all the help from wrestling parents and he is very happy about it. Then we checked out some rides and I am glad Charles liked it so much. In fact, Charles and his dad rode on a Ferris Wheel and Charles was all smiling. The other ride that they rode together was the Teacups. Though Charles doesn’t like when his dad keep on spinning the wheel. Some of the rides are not that kid friendly so we only had three rides that we really rode in. 

Use Insulated Concrete Forms

August 21, 2012

We moved into this house more than a month ago and I am shocked when I saw our electricity bill just a couple days ago. It is way too high for our monthly usage compared to our previous electricity bills we had in the past. For sure this property is not using any insulated concrete forms for the foundation of the house. How much more during the winter when we use the heater? We would definitely triple the amount of our electricity bill and it is not a good thing. 

We’ve been trying to save money so we can take our vacation next year to the Philippines. Oh well, if you’re planning to build your dream house make sure to do some research first before you hire a home builder. Today there are so many ways where you can save money like using insulated concrete forms. It is an energy efficient and eco-friendly home building material. Not only will you save money you are helping the environment as well.

AT&T Internet Nightmare

I am so irritated when I looked at of our AT&T internet bill. I couldn’t believe what company is charging us from August and September, even though we had cancelled our internet service since July and paid our last bill. The worst part of this bill is AT&T is charging us $48 instead of $24.95 our monthly payment before. And then there is an adjustment of $3.36 for our August bill meaning we never paid the bill. What in the hell? For the month of August our internet provider is U-Verse and it is also a living nightmare. Luckily, I still keep our previous AT&T bills and later my husband is going to call AT&T regarding this nightmare.

Electronic Payment

August 18, 2012

Prices of basic commodities are soaring higher and higher. It has given me a reason to watch out for our budget so we can save a little of our money. Electronic payment are one of the easiest ways to pay your bills online. It is very simple and saves us money instead of buying stamps at the store. It is also a  quick way to get your employees paid on time just like my husband.

Beautiful Sunset

What a beautiful sunset we had yesterday. Well, today is Saturday and I am glad my husband is here. After lunch we will look around to check out party decorations for Charles' birthday. He wants NASCAR decorations and I am not sure whether we ca find it at Party City. It is a great day again to go out and shop and run around town.  The high is only supposed to be 80 today for the second day in a row.  Thank god this heat streak is done for now at least.  My husband loves fall and I admit that I am looking forward to it this year as well.

Retirement Communities in Georgia

August 17, 2012

My husband Doug, and I haven’t really talk about retirement yet though it will definitely come in the next few years. How about you? Have you planned when your retirement comes along? How will you enjoy the rest of your time with your loved ones in the Golden Years of your life? Oh well, if you are planning where to live for retirement, Retirement Communities Georgia has a lot to offer on your next home. Kolter Homes is your home building company and has been around for many years and are a leader in retirement communities country ride. 

Though some may say they want to stay in their own homes many others like the idea of retiring somewhere where there is more social interaction and even specialized care if needed. Living in a retirement community is not the same as living in a “rest home”.  Retirement community simply is geared toward the retired and is somewhere that retired people can live as they wish in their own homes.

TechSmart Store

August 16, 2012

I know how difficult it is to refinance a car, pay your home mortgages, get a loan with high interest rates especially when you have a bad credit history attached to your name for so many many years. Today, whether you have a bad credit history is not as big a problem anymore. Many companies are offering credit loans with high interest rates that are very easy to find on the web. Why settle with high interest rates when you can find easy financing at TechSmart Military Loan or TechSmart Military Lending. Military Auto Loans from TechSmart are the easiest way to get the car that you’ve been dreaming of for so many years. Tech Smart though is not just for anyone. Tech Smart is geared toward providing services to those who have the most honorable of all careers, serving in our armed services. Whether you serve in the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines or Coast Guard there is lenders available who understand and want to support your dreams. Everyone knows the pay you receive is no where near enough for what your career requires. Therefore, you really need someone on your side that can help you get a loan you want and need at a realistic and great for you.

Lot of Stuff To Do In September

I was looking on the calendar today and noticed we’re just two weeks left for the month of August. Wow! Time is really going by so quickly. This September is Charles', 4th birthday and we are all excited. I still remember the time when I got pregnant till the time Charles was born and it was very amazing. I began letting Charles sleep in our bed when he was 4 months old until now he sleeps with us. I was too lazy getting up in the middle of the night to breast-fed Charles in his room so I had to let Charles sleep with me and my husband. Even though I had read about Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS) and to be honest I was scared of it too having Charles sleeping in our bed. I am not comfortable as well when Charles is sleeping on his crib and I keep on thinking negative thoughts that something might goes wrong when he is alone in his room. Though for the last two nights now Charles had fallen asleep on his bed that’s inside our bed room. He wakes up around 2 o’clock and always ends up on our bed. But Charles said; he is going to sleep in his own room in September which is quite humorous. He has a lot of stuff to do in September like starting to speak in Tagalog, and Waray-Waray, my dialect in the Philippines.

Birthday flowers

I can’t believe my husband’s summer school vacation is over and now he’s back to work at school. I don’t feel like doing anything around the house even doing basic household chores. I have though been browsing on the web most of the time to make my days go faster. My mother’s birthday is in October and I am looking for the best gift to give her on her special day. I know how much she likes flowers and red roses are her favorite ones by far. I loved the selections at George’s Flowers, they have the types of birthday flowers that my mother would like to get on her birthday. The flower arrangements are shown larger compared to the other web sites that I have had visited over the last couple of days. I can see so much better what the flowers and their arrangements look like. Call me weird but I like to know what I am getting when I buy something. George’s Flowers has the widest selections of flowers for any occasion that any recipient would love to get as a present. All the flower arrangements are very affordable as well and why not splurge once a while? Giving flowers to someone we love is the way of saying, I love you, and how much you care about them. Of course just flowers are not enough. You need to have a nice vase as well as other accessories with your flowers. Of course as we found out just last month there are other times flowers are needed. My husband’s, good friend Chris lost his dad unexpectedly. We had to go on line and find a good respectable source to forward flowers to the viewing and funeral. Since we live many hours away the best way to do this was by ordering them online.

Gnats Are Driving Me Nuts

August 13, 2012

My husband got this plant from his mom’s funeral almost 5 years ago and his other rubber plant did not survive. The plant sure does look healthy and vibrant but we have one problem. There are so many gnats in the soil and they keep on flying all over our computer room. We can’t hardly use the desktop in the other room because these gnats are every where and sometimes they can get inside our nose which is annoying. I tried to spray the soil with dish washing soap and hopefully the eggs are going to die.

Battery Operated LED Lights

August 12, 2012

I am very much fascinated with scented candles because it can eliminates odors especially when I cook dried fish. My son, Charles always complains about my dried fish and even asks me to open windows or the garage to get rid of the smell. My husband, Doug does not like the smell either, honestly it can smell pretty bad. Though I had no idea about battery operated led lights and candles until I stumbled on the website, Battery Operated Candles offers a vast array of battery operated led lights, battery operated candles and more for events, home d├ęcor, and design. Battery Operated Candles has been featured on Home and Garden Television or HGTV, Extreme Makeover Home Edition, and Glee. All the products featured on the website are very affordable for any budget. Any Flameless Candles, Tea Lights and Votives make great gift for housewarming gifts or even Christmas gifts for your friends and family as well. I really love the high tech candles and accessories as well. They have timed candles so you never have to worry about falling asleep with a candle burning. 

I also love the idea of remote control candles that allow me to not even have to get up to turn on or off my candles.  The adjustable lighting controls are also something I look forward to. Decorate your outdoor space with battery operated outdoor candles and lighting to keep your deck and patio more cozy at night. For those like myself safety as well is a huge issue as well. With a three year old son who is into and interested by everything I must have safe things in my house. Scented flameless candles are highly safe much more so then traditional candles. The fact that there is no fire makes me not have to worry about Charles burning himself or even worse starting a fire in the home. Join their mailing list to receive special offers and product updates of what is available on the web site. One of the specials they are having right now is a bulk buying special, I mean who only buys one candle at a time anyway right? So the special is save 5% on two items, 10% on six items and 15% on 24 items.  

Secure Disk Backup

August 10, 2012

Whether you are a serious home personal computer user or a business that relies on computers you need to make sure and protect yourself and your information. Simply any electrical device or computer has inherent risks. It could be a power outage or surge or it could be user error or god forbid a server crash but you face possible catastrophe if one of these calamities hits you. Even more worrisome in today’s environment is the hacker or raider that may target your system or systems. 

You must be protected from both human and non-human problems. That is why you need a secure Disk backup to protect your information. Disk backups are not all equal. You need a secure backup that is multi tiered on both the solid state and disk. One place that has great reviews and word of mouth is Nexsan. They specialize in all your needs for disk backups and storage systems.

Pretty Slow Night

August 08, 2012

Well another pretty slow night here with no DirecTV thanks to the total incompetence of the AT&T tech who cut our line while burying our U-verse internet cable. At least there is the Olympics to watch. Luckily, for us we have an antennae we use for storms when DirecTV cuts off. Problem is we only get two channels. One of those stations though is NBC so we watch Olympic coverage all day. Right now we are watching beach volleyball. I already know who won but Doug does not and he told me not to tell him. I have watched all kinds of stuff today from horse jumping, water polo, men’s volleyball and track. Charles on the other hand is having fun playing with his Cars, cars. Doug bought him a new one tonight and he is having the Japan Grand Prix on our living room floor, surprisingly Lightning McQueen does not win each race.

Flooded With Emails

August 06, 2012

Since I posted my email address on my blogs I am flooded with emails every day so I had to remove the email from my blogs. Just recently, I was about to open a link from yahoo mail saying I exceeded my yahoo mail accounts. Yeah I had quite a few of yahoo mail accounts and I was worried about it maybe it was for real. Luckily, my husband have had told me maybe it contains a Trojan virus and was trying to attack our computers. 

I know millions of people especially our baby boomers have been a victim of so many scams online and it is very difficult how we can prevent it. Marcus Evans is one of the many companies on line, and it just happens to be one of the best. There are steps you can protect to help not just your personal online material but also in your commercial world. Even those who are aware of scams can fall prey. Heck my husband got caught earlier this year by a Trojan virus.

Been a Pretty Lazy Day

August 05, 2012

Well Sunday is almost over and it has been a pretty lazy day. Most of the day I have spent just enjoying watching the Olympics with my family. The most exciting parts were with out a doubt the 100 Meter Men’s Race with Usain Bolt and the 400 Meter Woman’s Race with Sanya Richards-Ross. It is incredible how fast Bolt is. He runs away from all his opponents though they are the fastest people in the world. Richards-Ross I liked to watch because her husband, Aaron Ross plays for my favorite team the New York Giants. 

Also tonight we watched some of the first preseason Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals. My husband is a huge Mizzou fan so he wanted to watch Chase Daniel, play quarterback for the Saints. I also really enjoyed watching both the indoor and beach volleyball games today. I especially like watching Destinee Hooker play as she just kills the ball.

I Love Sexy Pumps

August 03, 2012

My husband Doug, asked me what are we going to do later in the day. As I love to go shopping I don’t feel like going out in this very hot weather. Though it rained last night to cool us down but the temperature could go up to 106 degrees again today. I would rather shop online and find sexy pumps at Necessary Clothing for my self. I especially like many of their tops. They are new vibrant and youthful. I like other things as well like dresses, sun dresses, pants and of course accessories. 

What woman does not love accessories? I am loving the online store, Necessary Clothing. All the items are very inexpensive so I can splurge a little bit more on my budget. Necessary Clothing offer free shipping within the continental United States when you spend $125. Getting shipping for free will definitely save you more money when you shop online.

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

August 02, 2012

I just had my dinner but I was craving for Krispy Kreme Doughnuts. So we drove down to Bentonville and how lucky we are. The doughnuts are still hot so we got a box of them. My favorite is glazed doughnuts. I remember when I was pregnant with Charles I used to eat half a box of them in just one sitting. And while I was on my trimester and early labor I had glazed doughnut cravings. 

Oh well, I can hear the loud thunderstorms and see the lightning through our window. Hopefully it will rain later at night. Its been really hot and we can’t do much things outside the house during the day.

Our New Furniture

Just yesterday we went to look at furniture for our new home. I found a table I liked but my husband Doug, said he would rather have a reclaimed wood dining table. I had no idea what he was talking about so he showed me barnwood furniture. Barnwood furniture is made from reclaimed wood from old barns and homes. The wood is naturally aged and quite beautiful.

PR2 For This Blog

I am a little disappointed today. Got some offers for my other blog though it required PR2. While checking my other blogs I noticed my PR1 changed to PR2 for this blog. Hopefully I can get more offers for this blog from other blog advertising sites now that my page rank has increased. I am very thankful though to my 2 avid blog advertising sites who never forget to include my blogs when they send out assignments. 

Anyway, I was in good mood after I saw my page rank has increased so I decided to cook spaghetti for Charles without asking what he wants to eat. While I  was about to cook the spaghetti noodles Charles, was screaming that he wants to eat Macaroni and Cheese. I guess he’s so hungry that he couldn’t wait for the spaghetti to cook. So for tonight, he is going to eat his spaghetti and I will not be cooking his dinner.

My Eyes Have Been Hurting

August 01, 2012

I have not been feeling very good for the last few days now. My eyes have been hurting really bad and it gets worse at night. I know I have migraine and I don’t feel like taking any medicine at all. Anyway, I have been posting about our internet service provider. The other day, my husband Doug, called again and U-verse sent a technician to check the cable wire outside the house. As usual the technician, did nothing on the cable wire and he said another person is going to come here tomorrow to bury the cable wire. Its nearly a month now that the cable wire is laying on the ground. Luckily, I don’t see any kids playing on our backyard. When this happen with our old house I’m sure somebody is going to get grounded. We had so many kids on our neighborhood and most parents are not watching when the kids are playing outside.

Getting Back in Shape

Since having my wonderful son, Charles I have wanted to get back the flat stomach I had before Charles. God knows my husband, Doug could use work on his abs as well. I have always liked, The Flex Belt system. While the Flex Belt is a great product and not overpriced by any means who does not like getting a great deal. That is why I was so happy to find a great deal through the flex belt coupon I just recently found online. The Flex Belt is a world renowned system that helps you sculpt and work your abs. 

The Flex Belt is available in many places like Amazon, E-bay and in select stores. The system is approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) as a Class II Medical device. The system uses electrical stimulation to help you facilitate toning your abs. Make sure to check out this system as it is the best by far on the market. 

The Curse of Real Housewives Shows

I have always been infatuated by all Real Housewives on Bravo especially the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Watching the show on Television gives us the idea how these women live their lives every day. Yes they are living on a beautiful houses, drive a fancy car but it doesn’t mean they don’t have any problems. Just yesterday, I was reading on the news feed on my facebook and noticed Bravo had an update about Real Housewives of Beverly Hills about Adrienne Maloof, and Paul Nazzif, had split after 9 years of marriage. It is kind of sad. I liked this couple on the show though I didn’t see it was coming on their marriage. 

For me, this couple who had a busy lifestyle had a lot of stuff to work on their marriage. Adrienne and Paul are both successful and busy on their careers and I think it is hard for them to communicate with one another. This couple may have every thing but money can’t buy you happiness that’s for sure. Well, Adrienne and Paul are not the only couple who had split from all Real Housewives shows and there are other couples to come as well.