Been a Pretty Lazy Day

August 05, 2012

Well Sunday is almost over and it has been a pretty lazy day. Most of the day I have spent just enjoying watching the Olympics with my family. The most exciting parts were with out a doubt the 100 Meter Men’s Race with Usain Bolt and the 400 Meter Woman’s Race with Sanya Richards-Ross. It is incredible how fast Bolt is. He runs away from all his opponents though they are the fastest people in the world. Richards-Ross I liked to watch because her husband, Aaron Ross plays for my favorite team the New York Giants. 

Also tonight we watched some of the first preseason Football game between the New Orleans Saints and the Arizona Cardinals. My husband is a huge Mizzou fan so he wanted to watch Chase Daniel, play quarterback for the Saints. I also really enjoyed watching both the indoor and beach volleyball games today. I especially like watching Destinee Hooker play as she just kills the ball.


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