Flooded With Emails

August 06, 2012

Since I posted my email address on my blogs I am flooded with emails every day so I had to remove the email from my blogs. Just recently, I was about to open a link from yahoo mail saying I exceeded my yahoo mail accounts. Yeah I had quite a few of yahoo mail accounts and I was worried about it maybe it was for real. Luckily, my husband have had told me maybe it contains a Trojan virus and was trying to attack our computers. 

I know millions of people especially our baby boomers have been a victim of so many scams online and it is very difficult how we can prevent it. Marcus Evans is one of the many companies on line, and it just happens to be one of the best. There are steps you can protect to help not just your personal online material but also in your commercial world. Even those who are aware of scams can fall prey. Heck my husband got caught earlier this year by a Trojan virus.


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