Hair Games For girls

August 29, 2012

I didn’t grow up with lots of toys to play with. As far as I remember we had one doll and I had to share it with my sister, Richel. Today, there are so many games that you can play online especially game for girls. What mom or aunt does not  like to play hair salon games with your daughters? Even though I don’t have a daughter we used to play hair games for girls with my niece, Sophia and she liked it a lot. This is the type of games for her to get creative and use her imagination while having fun playing the game. I really am intrigued by the Dressica website. It has many online girl games, it is great to have that many choices of games that you and your girls would love to play. Playing games with your girls is another way of getting to connect with your kids and to know more about your kids. It is a great way to connect with your kids through their imagination and creativity in choosing what she would like to look like. My sister in laws were talking last Christmas when we were visiting Tarkio about an old game they used to love playing, Mystery Date. It was remarkable all these years later how they laughed and had a great time talking about that game. If you never played Mystery Date you put together a random guy and girl that you represented. They loved talking about the clothes and hair styles that their dream guys and their personifications got to wear. Playing with dolls and Barbie’s were also something that they loved to talk about. Dressing and shaping their dolls to be what they dreamed and loved to do. Don’t be a stick in the mud and have those memorable times with your daughters.


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