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August 27, 2012

With so many games popping up on the web or on your smart phone it is hard to resist any of the games. I know you like me have many things you need to work on, but heck we all need to have some fun as well. My husband Doug, is one of those that loves playing games. Before bedtime he always checks his games on his iPhone first before anything else. Even our son Charles, is getting addicted to playing games on the laptop and both of our iPhones. Well Doug has a new game he loves to play on our laptop called happy wheels game. Doug loves playing this game though he says it is really too violent and intense for Charles who is only three years old. In the game you play as a comic character trying to get to the end of levels and eventually the game. Unfortunately or I guess I should say fortunately for Doug you can get mauled, disemboweled or decapitated as you try to finish the levels. Doug howls with laughter as he tries to complete the levels. Even better he says is when you watch your attempts end with some horrific death. Doug loves this game as much as any I have seen him play.


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