Pretty Slow Night

August 08, 2012

Well another pretty slow night here with no DirecTV thanks to the total incompetence of the AT&T tech who cut our line while burying our U-verse internet cable. At least there is the Olympics to watch. Luckily, for us we have an antennae we use for storms when DirecTV cuts off. Problem is we only get two channels. One of those stations though is NBC so we watch Olympic coverage all day. Right now we are watching beach volleyball. I already know who won but Doug does not and he told me not to tell him. I have watched all kinds of stuff today from horse jumping, water polo, men’s volleyball and track. Charles on the other hand is having fun playing with his Cars, cars. Doug bought him a new one tonight and he is having the Japan Grand Prix on our living room floor, surprisingly Lightning McQueen does not win each race.


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