Yummy Pakbit

August 27, 2012

I am glad it didn’t rain during the Frisco Fest here in town for the last two days. My husband and other wrestling parents did a fundraiser for the wrestling fund and they sold snow cones. I like snow cones and it reminds me of the ice scramble in the Philippines that I used to buy after school. Oh well, just a few days left and August will come to an end. This September is Charles’ 4th birthday and we are all excited. All of his aunts already bought him gifts and Charles wants to know what they are. Of course it is a surprise for him. Anyway, I cooked my vegetables, squash and bitternut squash for lunch and it tasted really good. I put shrimp instead of pork though my son Charles, didn‘t eat it because he does not like shrimp and vegetables.


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