Cable Organizer

September 26, 2012

As a mom the best thing I can do for my son, Charles is to keep him safe all the time. Being 4 years old gets him all over the house and sometimes at the back of our television stand getting his toys out. Being a mom I always freak out when he’s near with all the cords laying around. Upon browsing on the web this morning I saw this cute cable organizer which I think is the best solutions to our cords everywhere. This will keep our cords looking neat and organized especially on my husband’s home theater system. 

I do really like the cableslaps pink one my husband not so much on that color. Pink is my favorite color and this would be perfect for my laptop as well. Really there are more spots then just the TV, home theater, X-Box area. Our computer desk has many cords as does our laptops in the living room. Charles, Tablet and other electronic devices need protecting too. It is amazing how much technology we use every day.


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