Cigarette Addiction is Keeping Our Family Apart

September 28, 2012

My father has been a smoker as far as I can remember. He gets mad when he’s out of his cigarettes and his anger is focused towards his family. He would rather have his cigarettes lit up all around the house then to have food in his stomach. His cigarette addiction is keeping our family apart and it is getting worse. I know he’s not in the best of health but that is what he wants, he wants his cigarettes. He’s been coughing over the last few years now and he does not want to get himself checked out by a doctor. When I told my family that my husband Doug, and I, are expecting our first child my father tried to quit from his smoking habit. 

His addiction to cigarettes didn’t help when he quit for about a week and now he’s back to his addiction which is of course his cigarettes. We really want our father to quit his cigarette addiction for good so I am interested in this new website I found, I am really interested in the Eagle cessation study for people who are motivated to quit smoking. I know how my father really wants to quit at this time for the sake of his grandson, Charles.


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