Finally! A Quiet Night

September 14, 2012

Finally! I can have a quiet night tonight. It rained all day and the temperature has dropped. It is much cooler outside and the crickets for sure are hiding which is a good thing. Oh well, today is Friday and it is High School Football night. Since High School Football has begun we haven’t been to any of the games. We always have rain every Friday, and it is very frustrating. All I want to do is be able to get out inside the house and do something like watch football and other things for us to enjoy our weekend. I know my son, Charles would love to watch football games at his age now. 

Every time when my husband plays his Madden, and NCAA Football Charles, will always play with his football during the game as well. Now that the College Football and NFL season has begun, My husband Doug, and Charles love watching the games and most of the time Charles will say” Touchdown Raiders” even when it is not a Raiders game. I do like watching football though its hard to watch when my favorite football team is losing the game. How about you, what is your favorite sport to watch?


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