Football Season Has Begun

September 01, 2012

Well we are all happy that football season has begun. Doug is a huge fan and though he says he does not miss coaching football after 16 years of doing so he is always watching or reading about it. Charles loves to play football as well.  Yesterday while it was raining all day he wanted to go outside and play in the rain. I had never seen football until five years ago and now I love to watch it as well. We were supposed to go to the high school game last night but we did not want to take Charles to a game were it would rain all night. We watched a couple of games at home though last night. Today I am excited to watch the Missouri game. Doug has found where it will be streamed on his X-Box. Then next week I get to add NFL games. I like the Giants but Doug is a Raiders fan. This year we have the NFL ticket on DirecTV so we get all the NFL games.


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