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September 19, 2012

Christmas is just a few months away and I know some of you have already began shopping for Christmas presents for our loved ones. Well I have for sure. Over the last few weeks now I have been browsing on the web looking for great deals online. My online searches have not disappointed me as I have recently found the most amazing deals. I have found unbeatable prices on the web for all kinds of products. I was really excited when I found this website This site sells all types of comfortable and stylish shoes for women, men, and kids. Houser Shoes is known for their comfortable sandals and quality shoes and most of all very affordable prices that won’t break your budget. Whether you are looking for men’s and ladies shoes online make sure to check out Houser Shoes website. Aside from the most amazing deals on the web the store offer free shipping on any orders of $49.88 or more. 

Now that we are also on the lookout for Charles’ new shoes, I found the ones that I really want to get for him. Though I need to make sure my husband Doug, and I will agree on the style of the shoes.  I like a new pair of tennis shoes, some sandals and some winter snow shoes for Charles. Doug seems to favor more flashy colors and styles while I prefer more solid base colors. We do agree though that Charles needs more shoes as he is growing so fast. Just this week we measured him and he is 40 inches tall and not yet four years old. Charles really could care less for now but when it gets cold, rainy or snowy out he defiantly will be happy to have some shoes that fit that are not sandals like he has worn all summer.


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