I Miss Having Charles in Our Bed

September 11, 2012

I began to let Charles to sleep in our bed when he was 4 months old. I know it was not the safest thing that I did letting a newborn child sleep with their mother. I am from the Philippines and that’s how things work for the mother and the child. Anyway, it was Charles’ decision to sleep in his bed this September 1st . He has been sleeping through the night and we are so proud of him. Though I miss  having him in our bed and laying on my shoulder every night. My husband Doug, and I thought Charles would sleep with us until he is 7 years old but were wrong. Just like on nursing with Charles he just quit on his own when he was 1 year and 10 months though I tried to let him quit from breast-feeding. And then on his potty training my husband and I trained him but on our first try he was constipated so I guess it scared him. Then one day Charles just did his potty on the regular toilet and I was so happy for him. I felt bad every time he goes potty while standing up in the corner and doesn’t want to be around with us for almost an hour. For mom’s out here reading this post don’t be a pushy mom. Your child will do things in there own way when the time is right. So far every thing is working great with Charles and he will turn 4 this September 21st. We are all excited. My husband’s sisters and his uncle Max, are all coming for his birthday. We already looked for his cake and we found a NASCAR decorations at Walmart.


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