Industrial Microwave

September 05, 2012

My husband, Doug yesterday took his careers class to a local factory to tour their facilities and offices. While there he was really impressed by the huge machinery and complex machinery used in the production of the food production products.  Living in Northwest Arkansas in the same county as Wal-Mart headquarters there are many many businesses that are in our immediate area. Luckily for the schools the businesses are usually very proactive and community friendly when it comes to the schools. 

Well back to Doug’s field trip, he was most impressed by the massive Industrial Microwave that was used in the plant. He also talked a lot about the RF Heat Sealing Equipment. I had to look up what RF Heat Sealing Equipment was and ends up it is used to help weld together various plastics and other material in industrial production facilities. I have always been interested in the complexity of factories and how they work.


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