My All Time Favorite Pescado Guerrero

September 20, 2012

I had a very tiring day today. We went to Party City and got Charles’ party decorations. We didn’t get NASCAR decorations because they don’t have any so Charles picked which one he really liked. He picked Thomas which is one of his favorite shows to watch on Netflix. Then we headed to Toys R US and my husband got him some presents. We had our dinner at Abuelos and I really loved my food. I had Pescado Guerrero which is my all time favorite at the restaurant. For our last trip we went to Wal-Mart for our grocery shopping and to get Charles Lego’s. Later when my son Charles is asleep I am going to wrap all of his presents. Surely it is going to be a long night ahead of me. Tomorrow is Charles 4th birthday and he is super excited and so are we.


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