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September 06, 2012

I admit I am getting addicted to online games and I am enjoying it. I can play online games on my iPhone, laptop, and my husband’s iPhone as well when I need to earn points on the game. Not only myself is getting addicted to online games. My husband, Doug is definitely a huge gamer himself and our son, Charles is into games also. I am interested to try the snail  game online. This is the type of game that I can play online while I am doing nothing and it is free. And for my son, Charles I am sure he is going to love the racing game, Mad Trucker 2 and Chess. My son loves NASCAR racing and he also collects NASCAR Cars and Hot Wheels as well. As a mom I was worried when my son began playing games online. Though I realized playing games  online helps him develop his mental skills and solving the game through his mental ability while playing many of his games. Whether he wins or loses the most important thing about playing the game is to have fun and enjoy it. Playing many of his games has helped Charles learn to read and count, heck he is even adding right now and he is only three.


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