Charles' Halloween Costume is here

October 25, 2012

Charles and I were watching Guess How Much I Love You, on Disney Junior when the doorbell rang. When I opened the door I saw a small box and thought it was my order at JUSTFAB. At first I wasn’t very pleased by how the box looked and asked myself, is this the bag that I ordered online? I thought I got the wrong package. So when I opened the box it was Charles’ Halloween costume. Thanks to NASCAR Store for fast shipping! As it was Doug’s biggest worry, not getting Charles Halloween costume on time before Halloween. Charles tried on the costume today and he’s looking very handsome. What more can I say he’s my baby.

Golf Clubs as Christmas Presents

Lately, I have been browsing on the web looking for Christmas presents for my husband. With so many great things available online I think new golf clubs and golf wedges would be perfect gifts to give him as his Christmas presents. Doug loves to golf but has not golfed much since we got married. Doug has many times talked about how he would lie to “hit the links” or wanted a new driver. 

He has also talked about teaching Charles and me how to play. We have played putt putt golf and we all enjoyed it but I have yet to play a real game of golf. I am interested in being out on the beautiful courses and Charles, well he just loves all sports and being outdoors. Luckily for us last winter was warm enough to golf even through the winter. I am hoping for another year like that so we can use the new clubs I hope to buy.

Great Shoe Designs from Miz Mooz Otis

October 23, 2012

The weather has definitely been getting colder and it is time to start wearing layers of clothing and warmer footwear. If you’re in need of great quality shoes and boots without over spending on your budget, Miz Mooz Otis has a great selection of designs and colors of shoes available to you. To look great and fabulous doesn’t mean you have to spend a thousand bucks every time you shop. All you have to do is shop for quality products for a great price that also make you look great and fabulous. 

Of course though while winter has great shoes like boots and closed heels I love the wide array of shoes available through Miz Mooz Otis that are great for warm weather as well. Having been raised in the Philippines were it was always warm I really love the different seasons here in the United States. I also love all the different designs of shoes, clothing and accessories that I get to buy for the different seasons.

Beaver Lake

October 19, 2012

I had quite a busy day today. We drove down to Beaver Lake and I love seeing those trees. Though Charles did not care about the colorful trees and he wanted to go home while we’re on our way down to Beaver Lake. 

We also looked at some furniture as we are going to buy a new bed for Charles. Since September 1st of this year Charles began sleeping in his own bed inside our bedroom. I really don’t like the idea of letting Charles sleep in his own bedroom by himself. His bedroom is across the hallway and I am kind of a little bit nervous. 

On Military Washers

October 18, 2012

Since we moved into our new house this July we have been planning on building a new addition to the fence and a new backyard raised patio. Doug has been researching many aspects of this major project for the last month. He has found a nice schematic for the design we both like. He also has found the perfect type of wood and finish for that wood. Lastly, Doug has looked up and found a place for the fittings for his project. 

Doug said he needed to find the best washers, nuts and bolts he could to put his fence and patio together. Doug found them at The Superior Washer site has the best in washers for every application. They even have military washers that are well enough made to the specification of the military. Be like Doug, if you are doing a project that requires washers buy the best that you can find on

I'm Kind of Disappointed

October 15, 2012

Over the last few days now I noticed I hardly get some tasks for my three blogs unlike in the past. I used to get three opportunities offered for my three blogs everyday and sometimes I can get another task to do from other publishing sites which are great. Anyway, I was about to buy the totes handbag and boots that I really like when I noticed these items are sold out. I’m kind of disappointed as I have been saving money and now I have to wait until it is back on web. 

Oh well, I barely see the words that I am typing now. I didn’t sleep last night and my son, Charles did not sleep as well. He’s got a cold and today he has a runny nose. Charles keep on asking me, “Why his runny nose keeps on coming?”. My husband and I told him to blow his nose and Charles doesn’t know how to blow his nose. Hopefully, tonight Charles can sleep much better than last night.

Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha Nebraska

My husband, Doug’s good friend Gerald just recently went through a bankruptcy in Omaha, Nebraska. Gerald and Doug are friends from high school and played football and wrestled together. Gerald recently went through a divorce from his wife of many years, this after a bout of unemployment for almost a year after his factory he worked in shut down. After living in Northwest Missouri about an hour from Omaha for most of his life Doug has many contacts in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. 

Luckily for Gerald, Doug knew of a reputable nebraska bankruptcy attorney in Omaha. Mr. Skrupa, the attorney is an expert on filing bankruptcy in nebraska. If you are not aware bankruptcy laws can be quite complex and differ in each state. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy you need to make sure that the chapter you are filing is the right one for you. Bankruptcy is never easy but given the right help it may be what you like Gerald need to look into.

Tonight's Dinner Caldereta

October 10, 2012

I thought it was going to rain on us today but I was wrong. But that’s what I saw on the local news yesterday. Anyhow, Charles, and I had a very good day today. The weather was perfect so my boy really enjoyed playing football and rolling out on the grass. So when we got back inside the house I felt like I was so tired and did not want to do anything so I decided to lay down in bed. It was about 5 o’clock when I realized I had to cook our dinner.

For tonight’s dinner, I  cooked Caldereta and my husband really likes this food. He also loves Chicken and Pork Adobo, Rice Noodles (Pancit) as well. And for my son Charles he only likes Adobo and on Rice Noodles he prefer the yellow thick noodles (Lo Mein) at the Chinese restaurant.

Social Media Optimization

October 09, 2012

Advertising your products, company, and services on television is very expensive even for just a very short period of time. Question is: Do you really get the right audience target while advertising on television? Maybe not. Viewers will skip every commercials on television and how much more when someone records the show on their DVR. If you are a business owner and wondering how to make more profit for your business, social media optimization is the best way to market your company. Showing the incredible  products, and services to the consumer in a way that reaches the most viewers. 

Over the years search engine marketing experts have been helping business individuals market their products, company, and services without over spending their budget. Keeping your business in the spot light in this fast pace economy is very important and a search engine marketing firm is what you need. Take advantage of all the tools that you need in marketing of your business. Social media is here to stay and it just keep getting better and better every day.

I Want These Satchel Handbags For Christmas

October 08, 2012

Christmas is just a  few months away and I am so excited to shop for my Christmas present. Just a couple of days I bought a satchel handbag online and I really like it a lot. In fact I am planning to buy a totes handbag from the same website where I purchased my satchel handbag. I do also like the way they shipped my order, totally 100% customer satisfaction. And for this Christmas I couldn’t decide which one to buy whether Michael Kors Medium Grayson Logo Satchel or Michael Kors Grayson Signature PVC Medium Satchel. These handbags are around $300 I know it is quite expensive so I need to save some more money before Christmas. For once I need to splurge besides its Christmas right?  

G and L Clothing Store

October 07, 2012

I can’t believe my son, Charles is already 4 years old. He has definitely outgrown most of his clothing and shoes. I am interested in checking out the G and L Clothing online store. They offer men’s, women’s, and children’s clothing. They also have winter and light weather clothing. What a perfect store to shop for the whole family as they have Big and tall Clothing and Levis Jeans for my husband. It is not easy finding a store that offers children’s and men’s big and tall whether online or in a storefront. 

Aside from good quality clothing the store also offers free shipping on orders of $100 or over. They also offer an easy return policy plus customers can track their orders online. Avail of great brands of clothing like Carhartt, Levis, Dickies, Timerbland, and laCrosse. Now that the weather is getting colder shopping online is so convenient, no more braving the cold, rainy or snowy weather.

Increase Your Strength Use Creatine

October 06, 2012

My husband, Doug when he was younger was quite an athlete. After finishing his athletic days as a college football player he continued to work out. Doug’s primary workouts continued to be lifting weights. If you want to get stronger and grow muscle mass he says you may want to use a supplement like creatine. Creatine is a totally legal and proven way to increase your muscle mass and your strength.

I Love These Totes Handbags

I was so excited when I got the satchel handbag, The Nile that I had ordered online. I do really love how JUSTFAB wrapped and shipped the item. Total 100% customer satisfaction. Now that I know they have a great customer service I would love to order a Totes Handbag. I do love these colors so I need to save more money for these before I order online.

Arc Systems

October 04, 2012

My sister in law Mary Jane is a nurse and her cousin Linda is a hospital administrator. I like hearing them talk “shop” about work. Mary Jane tends to talk about what goes on in the floor or emergency room while Linda of course talks about the business side of the hospital. Just last weekend they were talking and Linda mentioned that they had bought a new piece of machinery that had an Arc Systems Inc. motor. Linda told Doug about the machine because Arc Systems also produces Aerospace and Military engines. 

Linda and Doug both thought it was pretty cool that medical engines were made by a military and aerospace company. Obviously making products for military use and aerospace use means that they have to be very reliable and made of only the best materials and design. Doug especially knows much about the military and military equipment specifically. Linda was happy for her hospital to get the best machinery available.

This Plant is Five Years Old

October 03, 2012

I can’t believed this plant is already five years old now. My husband got this plant from his mom’s funeral and it is absolutely looking healthy. It’s rarely bloom its flowers so when I saw the bud a few weeks ago I was so excited. Spraying with ammonia keeps the plant healthy and the gnats are gone from the soil.

Travel Century21 Contest: Enter to win a 2-night in NYC and a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover!

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of CENTURY 21 for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
My husband Doug, and I, never really got a chance to visit places here in the U.S. after we got married. I got pregnant right away and it is hard to travel when you have a kid. Now that our son, Charles is getting older and ready to travel we would love to visit New York City. I am fascinated by the tall buildings in New York and most of all the great shopping destinations. I can't wait to visit NYC and check out Century 21 in person. I would love to buy some high end designer clothing and shoes from Georgio Armani, Valentino, Calvin Klein, and Georgio Armani Kids for my son, Charles. If you are interested what Century 21 has to offer you can also visit and become a member for free as well.


I just signed up on their website and I am interested to buy the Derek Lam Frederica Sunglasses. They look cute and pink ismy favorite color. Visit the Century Facebook page and enter the Empire Hotel sweepstakes for a chance to win a $500 C21 wardrobe makeover and a two-night stay at the iconic Empire Hotel in NYC. With two Manhattan store locations at Lincoln Square, 1972 Broadway, and Downtown 22 Cortlandt Street, you sure to find the perfect clothing for you.

Best in Pediatric Neurology

October 01, 2012

My husband’s family has many members who are involved in the field of medicine. My sister in law, Mary Jane is a registered nurse and her cousin Linda is a hospital administrator. The family always gets good medical advice from it’s members of the medical field. I have been having migraines for years and just recently decided to get advice from Mary Jane and Linda. They both say that migraines are a neurological problem and that I may need to see a neurologist. I am worried that my son, Charles may develop these headaches as well in the future. 

I decided to research where to go if we ever needed for Charles to see the best in pediatric neurology. The place I have found with the best word of mouth is the Department of Neurology at Beth Israel Medical Center who is a leader in the treatment of brain disorders and diseases of the nervous system. They specialize in Adult epilepsy, pediatric, neuromuscular, and neuro-opthamology to name a few. Not only do they have the best in pediatric neurology but also treat adult neurological troubles as well. Maybe in the near future I will finally get some respite from these horrible migraines.

Not All Mommy Wants, Mommy Gets

My son, Charles just turned 4 last month. At his age now he knows what he really wants and do not want what I really want for him. Just like last week, we bought him a new pair of shoes though only my husband Doug, and Charles really liked the shoes. I really liked the black Skechers shoes for him but Charles insisted to get the blue pair of Adidas shoes. So he got them! And for Halloween, Charles wants to dress up like Captain America and that’s what he really wants. As for me I really want him to dress up like Iron Man, Thor, or a NASCAR driver. 

But it looks like Charles is getting what he really wants a Captain America costume for Halloween. Now that my husband Doug, and I, planning to get him a bed though my husband wants to buy a low loft bed for Charles. I am not a big fan of a loft bed and I want a real bed for him so it is going to be a discussion first. I guess when we have a daughter I can decide all I want for her without asking my husband like clothing and shoes hahaha.