Bankruptcy Attorney in Omaha Nebraska

October 15, 2012

My husband, Doug’s good friend Gerald just recently went through a bankruptcy in Omaha, Nebraska. Gerald and Doug are friends from high school and played football and wrestled together. Gerald recently went through a divorce from his wife of many years, this after a bout of unemployment for almost a year after his factory he worked in shut down. After living in Northwest Missouri about an hour from Omaha for most of his life Doug has many contacts in Lincoln and Omaha, Nebraska. 

Luckily for Gerald, Doug knew of a reputable nebraska bankruptcy attorney in Omaha. Mr. Skrupa, the attorney is an expert on filing bankruptcy in nebraska. If you are not aware bankruptcy laws can be quite complex and differ in each state. Whether you are filing a Chapter 7, 11 or 13 bankruptcy you need to make sure that the chapter you are filing is the right one for you. Bankruptcy is never easy but given the right help it may be what you like Gerald need to look into.


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