I'm Kind of Disappointed

October 15, 2012

Over the last few days now I noticed I hardly get some tasks for my three blogs unlike in the past. I used to get three opportunities offered for my three blogs everyday and sometimes I can get another task to do from other publishing sites which are great. Anyway, I was about to buy the totes handbag and boots that I really like when I noticed these items are sold out. I’m kind of disappointed as I have been saving money and now I have to wait until it is back on web. 

Oh well, I barely see the words that I am typing now. I didn’t sleep last night and my son, Charles did not sleep as well. He’s got a cold and today he has a runny nose. Charles keep on asking me, “Why his runny nose keeps on coming?”. My husband and I told him to blow his nose and Charles doesn’t know how to blow his nose. Hopefully, tonight Charles can sleep much better than last night.


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