Not All Mommy Wants, Mommy Gets

October 01, 2012

My son, Charles just turned 4 last month. At his age now he knows what he really wants and do not want what I really want for him. Just like last week, we bought him a new pair of shoes though only my husband Doug, and Charles really liked the shoes. I really liked the black Skechers shoes for him but Charles insisted to get the blue pair of Adidas shoes. So he got them! And for Halloween, Charles wants to dress up like Captain America and that’s what he really wants. As for me I really want him to dress up like Iron Man, Thor, or a NASCAR driver. 

But it looks like Charles is getting what he really wants a Captain America costume for Halloween. Now that my husband Doug, and I, planning to get him a bed though my husband wants to buy a low loft bed for Charles. I am not a big fan of a loft bed and I want a real bed for him so it is going to be a discussion first. I guess when we have a daughter I can decide all I want for her without asking my husband like clothing and shoes hahaha.


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