On Military Washers

October 18, 2012

Since we moved into our new house this July we have been planning on building a new addition to the fence and a new backyard raised patio. Doug has been researching many aspects of this major project for the last month. He has found a nice schematic for the design we both like. He also has found the perfect type of wood and finish for that wood. Lastly, Doug has looked up and found a place for the fittings for his project. 

Doug said he needed to find the best washers, nuts and bolts he could to put his fence and patio together. Doug found them at www.superiorwasher.com. The Superior Washer site has the best in washers for every application. They even have military washers that are well enough made to the specification of the military. Be like Doug, if you are doing a project that requires washers buy the best that you can find on www.superiorwasher.com


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