How To Reformat Hard Drive

November 26, 2012

If you have ever sold or given away your personal computer or desk top you may be giving away more then you think. Even if you know how to reformat hard drive you are in danger of giving away your personal information, files or finances to anyone who eventually gets possession of your old computer. You need to find a real successful way to permanently clean your computer to protect yourself first.

My Wreath :)

Christmas is just couple of weeks away and I already feel like Christmas. Have you started to put up your Christmas decorations? As for me, I hang our old wreath on our front door after Halloween and Dough think I‘m crazy hehe. When we went to Hobby Lobby a couple of weeks ago I told Doug that I want to make my own Christmas Wreath as they are way expensive when you buy the decorated ones. 

Last night, while watching Real Housewives of Atlanta I made my own Christmas Wreath and added the ornaments. I enjoyed making the wreath and didn’t mess it up as it was my first time to make one. I am very proud of myself the way it looked. Doug and Charles loved it just like I did. For our Christmas Tree we are going to decorate it tonight when Doug gets home from school. He always complained that he needs to help decorating the tree so we are going to wait for him after school.

Just Got Back Home From Kansas City

November 24, 2012

I just got back home from Kansas City after visiting for Thanksgiving. I really had a great time seeing my husband’s family and we all really enjoyed our visit. Everybody was happy to see each other especially Charles who brings joy to the family. We’re about to shop Thanksgiving night when my sister-in-law Connie, Charles, and I drove down to Target and we saw many people waiting in-line all the way from JCPenney. Geez I don’t want to wait for 2 hours just to get good deals at the store. Then we head down to Walmart and I was amazed the store was not crowded outside. 

After visiting Walmart my sister-in-law Connie drove around Zona Rosa. It is just pretty when you visit Zona Rosa at night when the Christmas lights are all lid up. Though we didn’t go to the Plaza to see the Christmas Lights lit up. Very cold out and the wind was blowing really bad. On Black Friday, we went shopping and I got some great stuff for Charles and I. We also took Charles to see Santa Claus at Metro North in Kansas City and Charles did a wonderful job in sitting in Santa’s lap. After that he got a chance to ride on the train which made him very happy.

Chemical Investments

November 21, 2012

My husband has a good friend from college who is an investment banker. John was over visiting this weekend and of course things turned to work. John is moving more into the field of Chemical M & A (merger and acquisition). Chemical companies have continued to make good profits even in the last few years downturn economy. The fact that chemical mergers and acquisitions have continued to move forward at a brisk pace is a great indication of the strength of the chemical field. 

Investments in chemicals though is very advanced and you really need help either be it a chemical investment bank or a good chemical advisory. Of course financial news has been on a general uptick with the exception of the fiscal cliff fiasco in Congress. If chemical companies and mergers have been so strong in a weak market and economy many, like John are licking their chops with a strong economic base in the country.

ERP Software

November 18, 2012

If you are looking to improve your company or business production and profit margin you need to look in every nook and cranny of your enterprise. You may find a way to save through many ways but make sure to check out your ERP software for sure. ERP or Enterprise Resource Planning is software used by businesses to help the information and flow of the business from within. Simply the more efficient your business is from within the more profitable it is. 

Besides communication and organization software you may also need to update your Manufacturing Software as well as your Distribution Software. The more streamlined your manufacturing capabilities the less down time and wasted time you will have. Distribution software is a key cog in many ways. Distribution is needed to have your material ready to be sent out to your subsidiaries as well as your customers. Keeping your customers happy is of course the key to any business.

I Would Like To Have Personalized Templates

November 17, 2012

I have been on the blogosphere for couple of years now and realized it can be irritating sometimes. Just the other day, I wrote about leather jackets in a blog post and only to find out it had been rejected by the advertiser. For the reason, “not a high quality blog“. Geez! The advertiser’s website isn’t a great template either though he has the money to pay for the campaign and he can reject the blog that he doesn’t like. It was my first time having an advertiser reject my blog post in about 3 years of blogging. I could not edit my blog post and make some changes as it was being rejected right away after submission. I know my template is not good enough but as you read on my blog post do you think I have poor grammar? English is not my primary language in the Philippines and when I speak English people will look at me and think I’m crazy. 

Most people in the Philippines are very judgmental specially when you are speaking in English and you pronounce it incorrectly. So better to speak the language that you are comfortable to speak with so you don’t get in trouble. Anyway, I have been browsing on the web looking for templates and for some reason I am having problems on where to upload the html codes into my blog. Spending a couple hours on the computer makes my eyes sore so I am planning to hire someone who can make a personalized templates. I got the layout already and the fonts and colors that I would like to have on my templates. Hopefully I can get it done before the year ends.

My Chicken Strips

November 16, 2012

My legs are sore. I have been in the kitchen cooking our dinner but it was worth it. My chicken strips tasted really good. After we ate our dinner we went to the Asian store, A’Chau Oriental Market. I got a huge milk fish, long beans, mangoes and avocado. We also went to Walmart and got some groceries just enough before we go to Kansas City. Oh well, I can barely open up my eyes as I did not have a good slept last night. Charles slept for about an hour last night and went back to sleep around 2 o’clock in the morning.

Money Puzzle

If you are looking for a great way to give a gift on money or a gift card but want to make the gift more special you really need to look into a money puzzle. Money puzzles allow you to but cash or cards into a puzzle that your gift recipient will have to solve to get the gift. These puzzles make your gift even more special and long to be remembered.

Zona Rosa Outdoor Shops

November 14, 2012

Only one week from today and we are going to visit Kansas City for Thanksgiving. We are all looking forward to see every body and spend quality time with my husband’s family. We only get to see them occasionally though we always talk to them on the phone. There are so many reasons why I am looking forward to this trip down to Kansas City aside from seeing my husband’s family. I just loved the Christmas decorations all over the Zona Rosa Outdoor Shops. They are just beautiful to look at and I’m sure my son, Charles is going to like it just like his mama. Last night, we’re on our way to get Krispy Kreme doughnuts and noticed a few houses had already decorated their Christmas lights outside their house. 

At Pinnacle Hills Promenade Outdoor Shops had also decorated with Christmas lights and it is lovely. Though we didn’t drive around to see the lights as we are going to get some doughnuts and Krispy Kreme had already closed. I am a little bit disappointed as I really want to eat glazed doughnuts but I guess I will have to wait until Thanksgiving. My husband’s sisters are making desserts and I am looking forward to eating my request for Thanksgiving which is Lemon Bars. I am also excited to see Sofia the First Once Upon A Princess on Disney Junior. I maybe a little old to watch kids shows but I just loved Disney Movies. 

Besides, I didn’t grew up watching kids shows when I was kid. We did not have a cable television and we only have two channels that are working on our Television which were ABS-CBN and GMA. We can’t watch television all day long because we are worried about the electricity bill could go up high. Now, Charles and I can watch television shows for about 4 hours together without worrying our electric bills. Letting Charles watch kids shows on television helps his learning skills physically, mentally, and emotionally.

Patio Chair Repair

November 12, 2012

We had quite a storm yesterday and our neighbors lawn and patio chairs were blown away into our backyard. The couple just bought the patio chairs this summer and it was very comfortable to sit in. I wonder whether the couple are going to restore the chairs or buy new ones. As for me, I am the type of person who will look for solutions first before I spend the money on anything around the house. Just the other day I was reading on the web about patio chair repair from Patio Guys. Patio Guys' have a  highly trained team of  patio furniture refinishing experts that  take damaged, worn out, faded, and mis-matched patio furniture and refinish each item to look better than new using all types of colors, fabrics, and materials. 

Every piece is custom designed to suit taste, and outdoor patio look needs. I love buying new things but at the same time I also love saving money. Getting things repaired or reconditioned is a great way to have something new without the cost of buying things from a store. I know my husband did the same thing with his wrestling team. They had an old mat that he really needed to either by replaced or reconditioned. In case you did not know wrestling mats are really expensive. A new mat can easily run ten thousand dollars and more. Doug though saved big bucks by getting his old one refurbished. It cost him only like five thousand instead. 

Just like our neighbors patio furniture and my husband’s wrestling mat it makes a lot of sense to get things repaired and refurbished as long as the product is still great. Like my husband’s wrestling mat Patio Guys will get you your furniture back as good or even better then when it was new. I will tell Matthew and Jeanna to make sure and check out Patio Guys as what I have seen and heard from their website has me really convinced of the quality of their product and services. Now we just need to get some good weather back before winter sets in.

I Am Disappointed :(

November 09, 2012

I am really disappointed that my page rank of 2 dropped to 1 on this website. Couldn’t understand how page ranks are being ranked for every website across the blogosphere. When I checked my alexa rankings I noticed on this website I have these numbers 10,136,686. For my Beautiful Life, 4,831,433 and OK2BU 5,335,123. How in the world this website is so very far behind compared to my other two web sites? I guess I need to work my butt off and visit other blogs on the web. Also, I tried to put the links of my non-paid post to get some page views for my website though it isn’t showing on the news feed of my Facebook page. 

Anyway, Charles asked me whether we are going to pack our clothes today and I said, yes. Though we are going to pack our clothes next week. Charles said, that’s what I want to hear about. I laughed as he really wanted to pack his clothes and toys now. At his age now he is more excited riding in the car and seeing so many cars on the road. Whenever we are walking at the parking lot he knows a lot of car makes.

Debt Relief Law Firm

November 08, 2012

Financial problem are a huge burden that could affect your whole life or even take a toll between your spouse and lead to a separation. Don't wait for the time to happen where you could lose someone because of your debt. Whether you have a problem about debt settlement or asking for debt relief, Cockburn & Associate LLP, is your Canadian Debt Relief Law Firm. Sheila Cockburn is a knowledgeable and experienced lawyer who has been helping clients get out of their debt for many years. 

Seeking debt help could help you get back your financial stability and freedom to live as you wish. Put those pesky phone calls behind you, sleep a peaceful night again and clear your conscious with real debt relief. Never again go to a check cashing or pay day loan store. Take charge of your future with the help of Shelia Cockburn and her associates.

Charles Is So Eager

I got our luggage out the other day and Charles is so eager to pack his own clothes. At his age of 4 it is hard to say whenever we are going somewhere else because he wants to go right away. Over the last two days now he never forgot about his luggage and packing his own stuff and he kept on asking about it over and over again. As a mother I showed the calendar that we are going to Kansas City on the 21st after his dad’s Professional Development meeting at school. Charles is the type of kid that never forgets when I say a word to him. 

Just like when he wants to eat a dessert but we have a rule to eat his meal first then dessert. As much as I like to give his dessert every meal I don’t think eating ice cream after his breakfast is a good thing specially when he drink his milk. Stuff like that would be long day for Charles to keep on asking for his dessert and he won’t forget it which is quite humorous most of the time. A couple of days ago I was in the bathroom taking my shower and when I got out from the bathroom I saw Charles eating M&M’S and Kit Kat Bars in our bedroom. 

I asked him “How did you get it?” as these candies where on the top of the refrigerator. Charles said, “I knew you’re in the bathroom so I got them.” Charles is very smart and knows what to do for himself when I am not around. He just makes us laugh. The other day I told him “I can’t believed you were inside my tummy. You’re getting tall.” Charles said; “Why did you eat me?” He always asked me why, “Did you eat me?” every time I say you were inside my tummy when you were little which is very funny.

Check Out IFA Auto Insurance

November 05, 2012

Just the other night we’re on our way home after we watched a High School football game where my husband works. We were at the stop light and we already got the green light when the other car ran the red light. I guess the driver on the car was not paying attention and not looking at the stop light. Luckily, my husband was driving not so fast with our car. I despise texting, and talking on the phone when someone is driving a car on the road. 

Just like my husband he gets many texts from the wrestling team at school so I always end up replying to many of those when he is driving. It only take a seconds for an accident to happen. Do not wait to let it happen to you. Distracted drivers are just around the corner. You need someone on your side in case you have a problem with other drivers. I suggest you check out IFA Auto Insurance as they are very well respected and have great coverage.

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
Presented By IFA Auto Insurance

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

I am so excited for tonight’s season premiere of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Last night, I had watched Real Housewives of Atlanta and I really enjoyed watching the show. During the commercials they showed Shahs of Sunset, and the show will be aired in December. I do really like watching reality shows on Bravo. It’s my guilty pleasure watching these men and women act like crazy individuals. Perhaps they have the money to spend and live comfortably, drive nice cars though any of these people never realized they are ugly. 

Its amazing how money works for someone to get surgery done but still it makes you look like a robot. How much more when the surgery didn’t go so well as you expected? Just like the mother of Marysol, Elsa of Real Housewives of Miami. Geez the first time I saw her on the show I was a little bit scared of her. It was scary for me to watch her.

Bar Grilles

November 03, 2012

Since we moved into our new home this last July we have been making small improvements around our house. Doug says the next thing he wants to improve is the bar grilles in the ceilings. If you are not familiar with bar grilles you might think of them as vents for your air conditioning or heating. While looking for new bar grilles Doug has talked to his friend, Allan who runs his own business. Allan last spring had remodeling done in his main store so Doug decided to ask him about what he used in his store. 

Allan suggested that we get our bar grilles from Airflex Industrial Inc. Allan has been very happy with his whole remodeling project including his grilles. Airflex has many types and styles of bar grilles all made to the most rigorous professional standards. They come in many materials including brass, aluminum and stainless steel.

I Am So Grateful

November 01, 2012

I am used to typhoon and flooding in our area when I was in the Philippines. It also sucks when we don’t have electricity for a month and we have to use lamps. There are times we have to walk to the next Barangay and get across the floods so we can go to school in town. Remembering those days was not scary getting across the flooded area. It was fun being in the water and hurricane Sandy reminds me a lot way back in the Philippines. Over the last few days now I have been watching coverage on CNN and NBC Network about the hurricane Sandy. 

It makes me sad knowing millions of people are affected by this aftermath. This will take months or years for these people and businesses to recover with their lives and things will never be the same again. I am so grateful we are not affected by this hurricane and makes me realize how lucky we are. Yesterday, I told my husband to get more Halloween candies before he gets back home so I can give it to the kids for trick or treating. Halloween only happens once a year so why not give more candies to the kids? Though we only have 4 kids and a mom showed up on our door last night so we still have plenty of candies.