Bar Grilles

November 03, 2012

Since we moved into our new home this last July we have been making small improvements around our house. Doug says the next thing he wants to improve is the bar grilles in the ceilings. If you are not familiar with bar grilles you might think of them as vents for your air conditioning or heating. While looking for new bar grilles Doug has talked to his friend, Allan who runs his own business. Allan last spring had remodeling done in his main store so Doug decided to ask him about what he used in his store. 

Allan suggested that we get our bar grilles from Airflex Industrial Inc. Allan has been very happy with his whole remodeling project including his grilles. Airflex has many types and styles of bar grilles all made to the most rigorous professional standards. They come in many materials including brass, aluminum and stainless steel.


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