Charles Is So Eager

November 08, 2012

I got our luggage out the other day and Charles is so eager to pack his own clothes. At his age of 4 it is hard to say whenever we are going somewhere else because he wants to go right away. Over the last two days now he never forgot about his luggage and packing his own stuff and he kept on asking about it over and over again. As a mother I showed the calendar that we are going to Kansas City on the 21st after his dad’s Professional Development meeting at school. Charles is the type of kid that never forgets when I say a word to him. 

Just like when he wants to eat a dessert but we have a rule to eat his meal first then dessert. As much as I like to give his dessert every meal I don’t think eating ice cream after his breakfast is a good thing specially when he drink his milk. Stuff like that would be long day for Charles to keep on asking for his dessert and he won’t forget it which is quite humorous most of the time. A couple of days ago I was in the bathroom taking my shower and when I got out from the bathroom I saw Charles eating M&M’S and Kit Kat Bars in our bedroom. 

I asked him “How did you get it?” as these candies where on the top of the refrigerator. Charles said, “I knew you’re in the bathroom so I got them.” Charles is very smart and knows what to do for himself when I am not around. He just makes us laugh. The other day I told him “I can’t believed you were inside my tummy. You’re getting tall.” Charles said; “Why did you eat me?” He always asked me why, “Did you eat me?” every time I say you were inside my tummy when you were little which is very funny.


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