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November 05, 2012

Just the other night we’re on our way home after we watched a High School football game where my husband works. We were at the stop light and we already got the green light when the other car ran the red light. I guess the driver on the car was not paying attention and not looking at the stop light. Luckily, my husband was driving not so fast with our car. I despise texting, and talking on the phone when someone is driving a car on the road. 

Just like my husband he gets many texts from the wrestling team at school so I always end up replying to many of those when he is driving. It only take a seconds for an accident to happen. Do not wait to let it happen to you. Distracted drivers are just around the corner. You need someone on your side in case you have a problem with other drivers. I suggest you check out IFA Auto Insurance as they are very well respected and have great coverage.

distracted driving infographic from ifa auto insurance
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