I Am Disappointed :(

November 09, 2012

I am really disappointed that my page rank of 2 dropped to 1 on this website. Couldn’t understand how page ranks are being ranked for every website across the blogosphere. When I checked my alexa rankings I noticed on this website I have these numbers 10,136,686. For my Beautiful Life, 4,831,433 and OK2BU 5,335,123. How in the world this website is so very far behind compared to my other two web sites? I guess I need to work my butt off and visit other blogs on the web. Also, I tried to put the links of my non-paid post to get some page views for my website though it isn’t showing on the news feed of my Facebook page. 

Anyway, Charles asked me whether we are going to pack our clothes today and I said, yes. Though we are going to pack our clothes next week. Charles said, that’s what I want to hear about. I laughed as he really wanted to pack his clothes and toys now. At his age now he is more excited riding in the car and seeing so many cars on the road. Whenever we are walking at the parking lot he knows a lot of car makes.


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