I Am So Grateful

November 01, 2012

I am used to typhoon and flooding in our area when I was in the Philippines. It also sucks when we don’t have electricity for a month and we have to use lamps. There are times we have to walk to the next Barangay and get across the floods so we can go to school in town. Remembering those days was not scary getting across the flooded area. It was fun being in the water and hurricane Sandy reminds me a lot way back in the Philippines. Over the last few days now I have been watching coverage on CNN and NBC Network about the hurricane Sandy. 

It makes me sad knowing millions of people are affected by this aftermath. This will take months or years for these people and businesses to recover with their lives and things will never be the same again. I am so grateful we are not affected by this hurricane and makes me realize how lucky we are. Yesterday, I told my husband to get more Halloween candies before he gets back home so I can give it to the kids for trick or treating. Halloween only happens once a year so why not give more candies to the kids? Though we only have 4 kids and a mom showed up on our door last night so we still have plenty of candies.


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