Patio Chair Repair

November 12, 2012

We had quite a storm yesterday and our neighbors lawn and patio chairs were blown away into our backyard. The couple just bought the patio chairs this summer and it was very comfortable to sit in. I wonder whether the couple are going to restore the chairs or buy new ones. As for me, I am the type of person who will look for solutions first before I spend the money on anything around the house. Just the other day I was reading on the web about patio chair repair from Patio Guys. Patio Guys' have a  highly trained team of  patio furniture refinishing experts that  take damaged, worn out, faded, and mis-matched patio furniture and refinish each item to look better than new using all types of colors, fabrics, and materials. 

Every piece is custom designed to suit taste, and outdoor patio look needs. I love buying new things but at the same time I also love saving money. Getting things repaired or reconditioned is a great way to have something new without the cost of buying things from a store. I know my husband did the same thing with his wrestling team. They had an old mat that he really needed to either by replaced or reconditioned. In case you did not know wrestling mats are really expensive. A new mat can easily run ten thousand dollars and more. Doug though saved big bucks by getting his old one refurbished. It cost him only like five thousand instead. 

Just like our neighbors patio furniture and my husband’s wrestling mat it makes a lot of sense to get things repaired and refurbished as long as the product is still great. Like my husband’s wrestling mat Patio Guys will get you your furniture back as good or even better then when it was new. I will tell Matthew and Jeanna to make sure and check out Patio Guys as what I have seen and heard from their website has me really convinced of the quality of their product and services. Now we just need to get some good weather back before winter sets in.


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