Very Excited For His Presents

December 21, 2012

Doug had ordered another Christmas present for Charles and it was in the mail yesterday. As I wrapped the present he was so excited when he learned the present is for him and he wanted to open it. Though I can’t resist his big smile he has to wait to open all of his Christmas presents on Christmas Day. Growing up we never really had Christmas gifts to open on Christmas Day and birthdays as well. Christmas Day and birthdays are just an ordinary day for us nothing special. 

Our parents had never given us any gifts and we are used to that kind of situation. As a mother I always told Charles how lucky he is to have all the things he has for such a young age. Charles needs to take care of all the things he got from us and his aunts. When we were kids we really did not have many toys to play with and when we want something we had to worked for it like doing chores in the house.

Charles' Hot Wheels Jeep

December 17, 2012

Charles already opened his huge Christmas presents from his aunts yesterday. He was so excited when he knew he got a Jeep. Doug and I put the Jeep altogether yesterday and Charles already drove the car. He was all smiling. Later today when the weather is not too cold out I will let Charles drive again.

Homes For Sale In Vero Beach

If you are like me and live in an area of the country with harsh winters, snow and low wind chills you may dream and plan to move somewhere with less harsh weather. My husband, Doug and I both like Florida. While we love Florida we do not want to live in the much busier and higher priced South Florida. Doug and I both prefer to live in the Central Florida Area, we especially like the city of Vero Beach. 

So we have begun to look for good homes for sale in Vero Beach. I can only imagine how nice it will be to wake up to sunny and warm days and take a quick trip to the beach. Doug also began teaching me golf last summer and Florida is well known for their year long golf courses. Charles also loves to play outside though he likes making snowmen and snow angles as well.

Are You Needy To Accept 0.50 Payout Rate?

December 10, 2012

It has been a long time since I have taken any opportunities from IPL. While checking at the website this morning, geez the payout rate hasn’t changed 0.50 and asking 700 plus words article with PR4. Are you really that needy to accept 0.50 payout rate with 600 to 700 plus words article? Wake up fellow Blogger. Advertiser’s are taking advantage of you to market the advertiser’s product, company, and services in your website. And for another publishing site I don’t have any leads in a long time. I’m glad two of my favorite publishing sites never forget to include my blogs in sending out assignments and grab bags. Though sometimes it is very upsetting when I am about to grab a task it has been taken by another blogger or the site is taking too long to respond. The app that I am using from one of the publishing site is not working lately. Last night, I missed a grab bag and I am very disappointed.

Tarni Boots

I am really upset on how JUSTFAB works their customers. Yesterday I got an email about the credit that has been issued and is waiting in my boutique. It can be used any time to purchase the item of my choice. What in the hell? I skipped not to buy shoes and bags for the past couple of months because I don’t see any interesting items that catches my attention. What if I don’t have enough funds in my bank account? I will be charge an overdraft fee which is not fun at all. 

Yesterday, I had decided to ordered the Tarni boots. This is the item that I would loved to buy in the next few months though JUSTFAB had already credited into my account. Once I receive the item I would be delighted to cancel my account and call it quits.

I Freaked Out

December 07, 2012

Yesterday while I was watching the Today Show in the morning, I heard noise inside our water heater room. I freaked out as I was wondering what was the noise all about and how could it had happened. I called Doug a couple times and sent text messages to let him go home right away. No neighbors around to help me check what’s inside our water heater room. Around noon when Doug arrived home and when he was about to checked the room he forgot his phone inside the car to use as a flashlight and got my broom. 

Before Doug got back inside from the garage a bird flew out from the water heater room. Doug said the bird came inside from the vent outside our roof. Geez I was really scared and I am very thankful it didn’t happen today as Doug is doing a Wrestling Tournament in Springdale and tomorrow as well. Charles was very supportive and kept on telling me, “there’s nothing to be afraid of mommy”. I’m glad Charles is not afraid of any noise unlike his mama who always freaks out when I hear noise.

Cigars From Famous Smoke Shop

My father is a smoker though he has not tried any cigars in his whole life. I wonder whether he will be interested to try any single cigars from the Famous Smoke Shop. All the cigars are very affordable plus they will make great gifts for the holiday. I can also use coupons from the store when I purchase online which makes my shopping more rewarding.

Charles' Advent Calendar

December 05, 2012

Charles was playing Starfall’s Learn to read with phonics on my laptop and he was doing the calendar thing. I had realized I have not had his Advent Calendar out so tonight I told Doug to get it out. Though we already missed 4 days in a row we let Charles open 5 windows including tonight. He was so happy when he got a penny for each window. 

How much more when he opens his huge Christmas presents from his aunts? I’m sure he’ll be too excited when he see’s what he got as his presents.

United Environmental Solutions

December 01, 2012

If you are like me you really despise regular tap water. Recently, I went on a web search to find a way to get good clean water with some type of filtration device. I found a great system that is made by United Environmental Solutions. The United Environmental Solutions company makes two high quality water filtration systems in the berkey water system and the kooltek water coolers. I want a system that is strong enough to remove impurities and at the same time to make the water taste pure and clean. 

What makes the Berkey Water System so great is that it is portable and can work without electricity on almost any natural water source. In times of disaster, black outs and even just camping you can take your system with you as it is portable and easy to use. I cannot wait to order my own water system soon.

I Like Our Christmas Tree

It is going to be a busy weekend for my husband. He is hosting a Wrestling Tournament today and I would love to see his team wrestle. Though he needs to pick doughnuts for breakfast and be at school early in the morning to keep the things ready for the tournament. At that time Charles is still sleeping and myself still laying in bed wide awake. I hate getting up early though when I see grab bag on my phone that’s the thing that keeps me going and always jump out of bed to turn on the laptop.

Anyway, we had our Christmas Tree decorated. Charles helped decorate our tree but when I asked him if he likes the tree he said “NO”. Doug and I really like our Christmas Tree specially when the tree is lit up. It has fiber optic lights which makes the tree looks beautiful like I am…just kidding! How about you did you decorate anything for Christmas?