Are You Needy To Accept 0.50 Payout Rate?

December 10, 2012

It has been a long time since I have taken any opportunities from IPL. While checking at the website this morning, geez the payout rate hasn’t changed 0.50 and asking 700 plus words article with PR4. Are you really that needy to accept 0.50 payout rate with 600 to 700 plus words article? Wake up fellow Blogger. Advertiser’s are taking advantage of you to market the advertiser’s product, company, and services in your website. And for another publishing site I don’t have any leads in a long time. I’m glad two of my favorite publishing sites never forget to include my blogs in sending out assignments and grab bags. Though sometimes it is very upsetting when I am about to grab a task it has been taken by another blogger or the site is taking too long to respond. The app that I am using from one of the publishing site is not working lately. Last night, I missed a grab bag and I am very disappointed.


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