I Freaked Out

December 07, 2012

Yesterday while I was watching the Today Show in the morning, I heard noise inside our water heater room. I freaked out as I was wondering what was the noise all about and how could it had happened. I called Doug a couple times and sent text messages to let him go home right away. No neighbors around to help me check what’s inside our water heater room. Around noon when Doug arrived home and when he was about to checked the room he forgot his phone inside the car to use as a flashlight and got my broom. 

Before Doug got back inside from the garage a bird flew out from the water heater room. Doug said the bird came inside from the vent outside our roof. Geez I was really scared and I am very thankful it didn’t happen today as Doug is doing a Wrestling Tournament in Springdale and tomorrow as well. Charles was very supportive and kept on telling me, “there’s nothing to be afraid of mommy”. I’m glad Charles is not afraid of any noise unlike his mama who always freaks out when I hear noise.


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