I Like Our Christmas Tree

December 01, 2012

It is going to be a busy weekend for my husband. He is hosting a Wrestling Tournament today and I would love to see his team wrestle. Though he needs to pick doughnuts for breakfast and be at school early in the morning to keep the things ready for the tournament. At that time Charles is still sleeping and myself still laying in bed wide awake. I hate getting up early though when I see grab bag on my phone that’s the thing that keeps me going and always jump out of bed to turn on the laptop.

Anyway, we had our Christmas Tree decorated. Charles helped decorate our tree but when I asked him if he likes the tree he said “NO”. Doug and I really like our Christmas Tree specially when the tree is lit up. It has fiber optic lights which makes the tree looks beautiful like I am…just kidding! How about you did you decorate anything for Christmas?


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