Very Excited For His Presents

December 21, 2012

Doug had ordered another Christmas present for Charles and it was in the mail yesterday. As I wrapped the present he was so excited when he learned the present is for him and he wanted to open it. Though I can’t resist his big smile he has to wait to open all of his Christmas presents on Christmas Day. Growing up we never really had Christmas gifts to open on Christmas Day and birthdays as well. Christmas Day and birthdays are just an ordinary day for us nothing special. 

Our parents had never given us any gifts and we are used to that kind of situation. As a mother I always told Charles how lucky he is to have all the things he has for such a young age. Charles needs to take care of all the things he got from us and his aunts. When we were kids we really did not have many toys to play with and when we want something we had to worked for it like doing chores in the house.


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