Charles' I Am Sorry Note

December 18, 2013

My husband always says; that I am very lucky to spend time with our son, Charles all the time. Yes its very true. Being a stay-at-home mom 24/7 with Charles is very challenging though he always puts a good laugh on me. Just the other day, I was very serious when I told Charles to picked up his toys and he said; I am going to call 911, and put you on a yard sale tomorrow. OMG! I was laughing out loud. Then he said; he is going to sell his jeep wrangler for $1 and made a sign that it has 100 horsepower. 

What if my husband Doug, and I gets older Charles is going to put us on Craigslist up for sale? Just kidding! Charles is a very loving kid. In fact, he gave me a note saying he’s sorry and I love you. It was very thoughtful of him knowing he wrote it by himself without asking what the letters are. Writing is still his problem but I am not making it such a big deal. When the time is right, I’m sure Charles would be more willing in writing rather than saying it to him now that he needs to learn how to write letters and numbers. 

When it comes to reading he is very good at it and I am very proud of him. Sometimes I wonder are these kids now really so advanced when it comes to technology? And when it comes to adult conversation Charles always has something to say and he won’t stop talking for hours which is very funny to us. Anyway, are you done with your Christmas shopping? Not for me as we are going to shop tomorrow for Charles’ Christmas presents. 

I really don’t know what to buy Charles as his presents though last night he whispered to his dad that he wants a scooter. The problem with a scooter is Charles does not know how to even ride his bicycle without training wheels.  How much more harder is a  scooter? Well, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather over the last few days has been great after the winter storm we had. 

As much as I like having a white Christmas I’d rather not have snow. My husband was already out of school for one week due to the winter storm. If there’s another winter storm coming the school will take longer than normal as they are going to make up school for snow days.

My Classic Yellow Cake

December 04, 2013

It has been six years now that I am living here in the United States of America. When it comes to the weather I don’t mind it now. Though I have not experience an ice storm and tomorrow’s weather is making me a little bit nervous especially when we could lose our electricity. Growing up in the Philippines, I am used to not having electricity so I am kind of used to it but not with my boys. 

Anyway, we bought more foods tonight but not frozen ones just in case we don’t have electricity. I also baked a Classic Yellow Cake tonight and Charles is looking forward to tasting it. Hopefully, this winter storm is not going to last longer or else we can not watch the football game on Saturday. My hubby’s favorite football team, Missouri Tigers, is playing for the SEC Championship game and we want to watch the game. If we don’t have electricity and the weather is really bad we don’t have a satellite signal as well.

My Homemade Bean Bread

November 30, 2013

Going to Seoul Market, in Springfield, Missouri, is one of my favorite places to shop. As the store has tons of products from the Philippines, and I always look forward to getting bean bread that I really love to eat. The last time we went to Seoul Market, the store was out of bean bread and I was very disappointed. The person I asked said; the products will arrive every Wednesday in boxes and it is always sold out the next day from their store. 

So I thought I can make my own besides, it cost quite a bit every time I will buy bean bread. Making homemade bean bread was very easy. I boiled a small packaged of red beans for about one hour or until the beans are done. Mashed with a spoon or you can put the beans in a food processor to create bean paste. Seasoned with sugar according to your taste of sweetness. 

Since I could not find puff pastry at Walmart, I used Pillsbury crescent rolls. Put the bean paste in the middle, brushed with egg wash then fold the sides into the middle. Brushed with egg wash on the top then put in the oven for about 12 minutes or until the bean bread is golden brown. My homemade bean bread tasted really good and I am going to make some more once I‘m out of my bread.

Thanksgiving Is Almost Here

November 26, 2013

Could you believe Thanksgiving is almost here? Yep! And my boy is very excited as he saw turkey on television and said; mommy its Thanksgiving. Every Thanksgiving we always visit with my husband’s sister who lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and his other sisters come down to Kansas City as well for Thanksgiving. Usually I pack our clothes ahead of time but at the moment I have not packed anything. Maybe later tonight or tomorrow I am going to start packing some belongings and my hubby can pack his own clothes. 

So, what are you most excited about for Thanksgiving? For me, is the food, seeing family members, watching Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, and of course shopping. We always shop the day after Thanksgiving and that’s the fun part finding deals at the store. There are some shoppers who already started camping at some stores here in Rogers. They want to get the best deals the store has to offer on Black Friday. 

This Thanksgiving and many years to come I have had so many reasons to be thankful. My family back home in the Philippines are all safe after typhoon Haiyan, destroyed every thing we had and lost so many lives. On Wednesday, it is my 6 years anniversary since I came here to the United States of America. Thanks to my wonderful husband and his family members for being so supportive with us. 

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Burlap Gift Bag

November 22, 2013

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The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond

A few days ago, we went to Walmart and the parking lot was very crowded. I said to my hubby there must be something going on inside. So when we were inside we saw people in lines all the way to back so I said I don’t want to fall in line when it is for grocery checkout. That’s ridiculous! Then my husband asked an associate what’s the long line was all about and he said; The Pioneer Woman. I know The Pioneer Woman, Ree Drummond, as I watch her show on Food Network. Though I never bought any of her cookbooks, I took a picture of her book signing autographs. 

As a viewer, I was very curious to see how she looked like in person but she looked the same on television. The Food Network Channel, have always been my past-time when I have nothing to watch on Bravo. Maybe when it was Giada De Laurentiis, Sandra Lee, Ina Garten, or Bobby Flay, I will buy their books and have it signed. So on our way back home, Doug, asked me if I was happy when I saw Ree Drummond, and I said hmmm I don’t know I was just curious how she looked like. 

Then what if you see Chris Hemsworth, and Liam Hemsworth, in person Doug, asked? I said; Oh my god! I’ll be screaming. To me the Hemsworth brothers are very handsome. How about Nene? Hmmm not really. She’s the one from The Real Housewives of Atlanta. How about Beyonce? I said; I’ll be screaming and jumping for joy when I see her in person. Beyonce is a very nice person. I got to know more about her when I watched her documentary, Life Is But a Dream, on HBO.

My Free Cashmere Glow & Twilight Woods Body Lotion

October 22, 2013

I do really like my free Cashmere Glow, and Twilight Woods body lotion from Bath & Body Works. The smell of Cashmere Glow is very relaxing when I tried the lotion today and definitely this lotion is going to be on my favorite lists of lotions from Bath & Body Works. All the products of Bath & Body Works are all great and well-worth your money.

Charles Likes Florida Gators

October 16, 2013

This time of the year is my hubby’s favorite time of the year. It’s Football season and the weather is perfect to watch any game during the day or night. Since my hubby is a huge Football fan we are going to watch Missouri Tigers and Florida Gators at the stadium this weekend. Though the Missouri Tigers Quarterback, James Franklin, was injured the last game while playing against Georgia and he’s done for the season. 

Charles not a big fan of Mizzou so he likes Florida Gators to win and he said he is going to make a sign that says; GO FLORIDA. Charles only likes Florida because it is blue and one of his favorite colors. The three of us are looking forward to watch the game but not the long driving going down to Columbia, Missouri. Definitely Charles is going to say his back is hurting so he can get out from the car. 

Every time I will say we are going to visit your aunts on Thanksgiving, and Christmas Charles always say; it’s a long drive. Anyway, every thing is packed for this trip and hopefully we can have a nice trip down to Columbia. 

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My Pancit & Puto (Steamed Cake)

October 11, 2013

I wasn’t feeling very well over the last few days because of my migraine and I am so thankful I am feeling so much better today. I’ve done most of the chores like folding our clothes that’s been sitting in the laundry basket for days. Cleaned my dresser and took the clothes that I am not going to wear anymore including Charles’ closet as well. I also cleaned Charles room as it was very cluttered with books and toys everywhere. Since I got sick I barely went into his room so I did not notice how messy it was until today. 

Well, as Doug always says; you have a kid so I can expect toys everywhere in the house. It has been a very tiring day today. I also cooked the foods Pancit, and Puto (Steamed Cake) that I’ve been craving over the last few days and tonight I finally had them. Oh my! It was a very delicious meal I had tonight. 

Anyway, I am looking forward to next week. My impulsive hubby bought tickets to the Football game on Saturday between the Missouri Tigers and Florida Gators. Of course, Charles likes the Florida Gators to win because it is blue and one of his favorite colors. Watching the game at the stadium is more fun and exciting than watching the game on television. Most of all, seeing Mizzou Quarterback, James Franklin live in action. 

I’ve been to couple of Football games at the stadium in the past and the one that I really loved the most was going to Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City. Driving to Columbia, Missouri is not fun and getting up early in the morning is not very fun at all especially because the game is 11 in the morning. Charles and I are barely up by that time no kidding.

Got Lots of Presents That He Really Wanted

October 01, 2013

A few days ago, we celebrated my son’s 5th birthday and we all had a great time. The theme of his birthday party was Mickey Mouse and he also had a Mickey Mouse Clubhouse cake. The cake was decorated beautifully though it did not taste as good as what we were hoping for. Charles got lots of presents that he really wanted for his birthday especially the ones that he’s been wanting to have for a long time. 

Like, the number 27 Paul Menards NASCAR Car, Disney Pixar’s Rip Clutchgoneski, Silly Slippeez, Doodle Dome, a Red Wagon, Marbles, Croquet Set, and Tomica Gas Station to name a few. Thanks to all of his aunts and uncles who always spoil their only nephew. The night before Charles’ birthday we went to Chuck E. Cheese’s. For Charles’ birthday, we played Bowling at Fast Lane, and Mini Golf, at Golf Mountain, here in town. 

We all had a great time including all of my sister’s-in-laws. And before they left back home, we ate at Copeland’s of New Orleans for Sunday brunch. Copeland’s has the best Sunday brunch in town in case you are looking for a place to eat every Sunday with your family and friends.

I Have Always Wanted To Start A Business

September 25, 2013

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It Was Very Disappointing

September 10, 2013

Whether its College Football or NFL our weekends are glued to watching football games. Aside from Football games, NASCAR Sprint Cup and NASCAR Nationwide Series are also a big part of our weekend television watching as well. It was very disappointing that two of my favorite drivers Brad Keselowski, and Jeff Gordon didn’t make it to the chase for the Sprint Cup this year. Both of these drivers have not won any NASCAR Sprint Cup races this year. So a win to either of my drivers would have been a great one and put them into the Chase for the Cup. 

Doug though was happy as his favorite driver, Carl Edwards won again.  Doug was also happy that Mizzou won Saturday though they did not play great.  Even though Doug’s Raiders lost he was happy with how well they played vs Indy. I though was not happy with my favorite player, Eli Manning as he threw three interceptions in the Giants loss to Dallas.

Cheer Your Favorite Team

September 04, 2013

As we all know college Kickoff weekend just happened and NFL Kickoff is about to start this week. Are you looking forward to seeing your favorite College Football and NFL Teams play? I’m sure you do. After all the time spent drafting your Fantasy Teams it makes you want to watch every game on television and cheer your favorite teams. My husband is a huge fan of Mizzou in college and the Oakland Raiders in the NFL. 

Doug has always loved these teams even though Mizzou has been better the last decade the Raiders have been awful and he still watches each game and pulls for them. Me I like the Giants and my favorite player Eli Manning. Doug even drafted Eli for his fantasy team this year. I also like Mizzou and am thinking of going up to watch a game in Columbia this year maybe vs Florida or Tennessee. 

Hotel Supply in Atlanta

August 27, 2013

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Now He Wants Mickey Mouse Cake

August 26, 2013

I can't believed my feet are still sore from all the walking over the weekend. Though it was fun to visit the Frisco Fair in town. My hubby did a school fundraising for the wrestling team with some parents and the kids and it turned out very good. They raised more money this year compared to last year. The weather helped a lot as it was way too hot. And then Charles tried a Wall Climbing and he was a little bit afraid of it. 

Anyway, its Labor Day weekend and I know we are all looking forward to the long weekend especially my hubby. Last week was a very busy week for him so he is looking forward to that. Aside from that, a few weeks from now is my son, Charles’ 5th birthday and he is very excited. Now, he has changed his mind that he wants a Mickey Mouse cake instead of a Brad Keselowski car cake. 

No wonder because Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on Disney Junior is Charles' favorite show now on television. He watches it over and over again and nothing else. Before he liked to watch shows on Nick, Nick JR, and Sprout but not anymore. I guess I have no reason not to let Charles pick his cake selection just like how Charles really wants  to have a Honda Van when he grows up. 

I've never seen a kid who gets very excited every time he saw a Honda Van on the highway. But I'm sure he will change his mind when he grows up with his car choice as there are way too many cars to love about but not Honda Van for sure.

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CV Specialists

August 25, 2013

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My Hubby Is A Huge Gamer

August 20, 2013

My hubby is a huge gamer. Right now he’s into NCAA Football games with his favorite team the Missouri Tigers on his Xbox. But sometimes it irritates the hell out of me. I hate when he keeps on complaining when he is playing the game. Get real Missouri Tigers against Alabama Crimson Tides on the SEC Championship Game who’s the better football team? Of course it’s Alabama. 

Doug really likes the Missouri Tigers and so do I. Doug and I have been to a couple of football games last year and we would love to watch it again this year. But when you are playing on your Xbox of your favorite team you want to win every game you play and sometimes the result is different than what you expected. I know he gets frustrated sometimes when he is playing the game and I feel really bad. 

I’m also afraid he might have a heart attack especially with his health issues God forbid. Just like Charles, before he gets mad every time he loses a game when we play our games on game nights. Now, he knows how to be a good sport when other people win the game which is a good thing specially when he goes to school.

Ludwig Accent CS Combo

Charles my four year old son soon to be five year old son has had a starter drum set for two years now. Charles loves to play his drums and my husband and I are planning on buying him a new ludwig accent cs combo exclusive 5-piece shell pack at wwbw. We love the styling and functionality of this set as well as the Ludwig brand, a true leader in drumming.

Does Anyone Notice The Cooler Temperature At Night?

August 19, 2013

Does anyone notice the cooler temperature at night? Well, this is the kind of weather that my hubby likes the most, cold weather. Perfect time to roll down the window of the car though I know my hubby is kind of hesitant now rolling his window down. The last time he rolled the window down it was broken so he had to take the car to the repair shop. When we are thinking we can save money then there goes the problem right away and we had to spend money which we don‘t have laying around. Why it always has to be that way? 

Anyway, could you believe this month is almost over? Back to school and for moms out there you probably are missing your kids going back to school. My son, Charles doesn’t go to school yet.  I am sure we are going to miss each other a lot when he starts next year. I always told him that I am going to miss him when goes to school. And Charles always says; why can’t you be a teacher? Which is funny to me. Well, my hubby is back to work since last week though regular classes starts today. Surely, it is going to be a busy year for him especially during the Wrestling season.

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Hotel Accommodation in Rome Italy

August 14, 2013

My husband, Doug and I never really get a chance to travel outside the United States after I got pregnant with my son, Charles. Now that he’s growing up, visiting to another country would be ideal for the three of us. Of course, going to Rome, Italy is one of those destination places that I would love to visit with my family. Seeing the ruins of the Roman Empire like the Coliseum and the Circus Maximus are dreams of Doug (he is a history teacher). Both he and I would love to also visit the Vatican. 

Italy is also of course famous for its design and shopping. We also all love the culinary cuisine of Italy. Doug is a pasta nut and I love seafood. Making this trip requires finding great and affordable housing. That is where the rome train station hotel or rome termini hotel a perfect fit for us. Getting accommodaion rome termini or rome termini b&b are the best answers to our housing needs.

Free Sweet & Sexy Lotion From Bath & Body Works

August 12, 2013

A few years back, I never gave my phone number, email address, nor zip codes during checkouts when I shopped at the store. For the reason, I don’t want to be flooded with phone calls and unwanted emails everyday. The advantage though of giving some of my info’s like phone number and email address now at the stores are I can get freebies. Stores like Victoria’s Secret always sends me gift cards and rewards cards on my birthday and free dessert at some restaurants. Just the other day, I got free seamless panty from Victoria's Secret. Aside from Victoria’s Secret, Bath & Body Works also offers free products like lotion which I got the other day from the store. 

And when these stores have their annual sales it could save you up to 75% off which makes shopping more rewarding. Not only stores offer freebies but restaurants as well. When you sign up with your favorite restaurants they will send you emails about getting free appetizer, entrées, or half off price of menu items. Birthdays and anniversaries are included as well which can be great.

My Weekend Would Have Been Perfect

August 05, 2013

I had quite a busy weekend. Two of my sister’s-in-law, Cheryl, and Connie, visited us for the summer and we really had a great time. We went to the Flea Markets but the third store that we’ve been to smelled really bad so I took Charles with me and just waited inside the car. We also played 18 holes of Mini Golf at Golf Mountain here in town. My sister-in-law Connie, and Charles, scored a whole in one and I scored two back-to-back whole in ones as well. Though at the end of the game Doug and I tied so we had a tie-breaker and Doug ended up winning. I also drove the car wherein my sister’s-in-law rode with us. They said; I did a great job, though inside of me my heart was pounding because I was a bit nervous. 

Well, to end up their visit we ate at Copeland’s of New Orleans for Sunday brunch. As always the food tasted really good and the service was excellent. My weekend would have  been perfect except when our car broke its right side window at the back. Hopefully, it can be fix today when the service center isn’t so busy so we do have to worry in the next few days when it is raining outside. It’s been raining almost every day so it is not a good day to be outside or have a broken window. 

As Mom I Am So Blessed

July 25, 2013

Only few days away, my sister’s-in-law are visiting for the summer and we are all excited. Charles has planned that we are going to play board games and mini golf at Golf Mountain. Charles likes golf. In fact he set our DVR and recorded the British Open a few days ago. Its amazing how kids can learn and do so many things lately unlike when I was Charles‘ age. 

Yesterday, when I was laying down in bed Charles came up to me and said; he’s a royal baby. I was laughing really hard as I never thought it will came out from his mouth. Charles imagination is out of this world which I never had when I was a kid. As mom, I am so blessed I never let Charles go to daycare. When I have done that I will surely miss the big part of his life while growing up. Since the day he was born until he gets older I want to be there for my baby so I don’t have any regrets until the day I die. 

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Can You Believe July Is Almost Over?

July 24, 2013

Can you believe July is almost over? That means my hubby is back to school this August and it is going to be different for Charles when he is not around. Charles and his dad are great buddies and surely he is going to miss him so much especially when he’s gone all day. Even when the school year hasn’t started, Doug is doing wrestling practice 3 days a week. How much more when the school starts and wrestling season begins? 

He’s definitely busy including weekends as well. Oh well, it has been a couple of days now since I had my permit to drive the car. Driving the car makes me very nervous when I’m behind the wheels though I need to be more confident and alert on the highway to avoid any accidents. Of course, our car a BMW X-5, is too gorgeous to have any dents so I have to be very careful when I’m driving. 

Now that I have my permit I have also been thinking of taking the skills test so I can have my drivers license. I’m a little bit nervous what if I couldn’t pass the skills test unlike the written test. When you fail you can come back and take another test after one week until you pass the test. I will be much happier once I have my driver license knowing I did not driven a car growing up. 

My son, Charles is eager to drive the car and it makes him very happy once he’s driving. But I guess letting him drive the car at a very young age makes him confident of himself which I never had a chance to be. Charles will be turning 5 years old in September and he is very excited and so am I. Growing up I never celebrated my birthdays. A birthday is just an ordinary day when I was growing up. 

With Charles 5th birthday, his aunts are all coming and he’s more excited than ever. Every night Charles keeps on asking me how many days left before his birthday. He wants to go to Chuck E. Cheese’s and play mini golf at Golf Mountain. Hopefully the weather isn’t too hot outside to play mini golf so we can all enjoy playing and not worry about the heat. 

Aside from eating at Chuck E. Cheese’s, and going to Golf Mountain, Charles wants marbles, a wagon, and a number 27 NASCAR Car for his birthday. His dad already got his number 27 Paul Menards NASCAR Car and hopefully his Geico Car will arrive before his birthday. Having these cars on his birthday would be wonderful as he has wanted them for a very long time.

What A Beautiful Day Today

July 14, 2013

What a beautiful day today. Not too hot, perfect to do some things outside the house like doing sand colored artwork with my son, Charles. Our sand artwork looked pretty good and Charles and his dad played Frisbee afterwards. Well, I have not done so many things lately over the weekend aside from passing my vision and written test to get my permit to drive. I’m still very nervous driving the highway and I know I need to be confident being on the road to avoid accidents. 

Doug always says; I need to be watchful on the cars around me and pay attention on the road. Anyway, how are you doing with your summer break so far? For us, we are all enjoying my husband’s summer break especially Charles though he has wrestling practice 3 days a week now. Charles doesn’t like waking up in the morning when his father is not around, how much more when he’s back to work in August? 

Aside from spending more time with the family, this Friday we are going to watch a movie, Turbo. This is the third time that Charles is going to watch a movie at the theater. Hopefully he will like it as he loves watching NASCAR and Indy Car races on television and doing his own races as well. Every weekend we are all hooked up on watching Sprint Cup Series and Nationwide Series.

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I Never Had The Luxury Of Buying Things That I Really Like

July 13, 2013

Growing up I never really had the luxury of buying things that I really like. Whenever we wanted something like toys and new clothes we had to work for them by doing things  like doing household chores around the house.  Then when we could afford something  we can have it. Over the years, I have been very infatuated with having a Swatch watch on my arm. I think Swatch watches are very flashy and cool to look at and it will look great on me. 

While browsing on the web I really liked the Swatch, FLEUR’S D’ETE. I love the color though it is a bit over-sized in terms of dimension which I like as well. I definitely want to have this watch for Christmas and a sewing machine as well. Yeah I want a sewing machine as a Christmas present this year would be a great gift for me. As I looked at our bedroom curtains I thought I can make curtains instead of buying them at the store. 

One panel can be pricey depending on the type of fabric you are looking for and we used 4 panels for our bedroom window. It looks like it is very easy to make and sew when I have my sewing machine. Sounds crazy but I keep on thinking about it of making curtains and other DIY things for the house.

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What Are You Looking Forward To Today?

July 04, 2013

What a great day I had with my boys yesterday. We washed the car ourselves instead of taking it to the Car Wash which I am not a big fan of. To me going to the Car Wash is just a waste of money though very convenient if you do not to get wet. The car is not clean at all so I rather do it myself to my satisfaction. After we washed the car, we also watched a fireworks display here in town and Charles was very excited. It was our surprise for him though he noticed it was about fireworks as he saw plenty of cars on the school’s parking lot where Doug, teaches at. 

Later today, we are going to drive to Springfield, Missouri to watch a fireworks display at Doug’s friend Rick‘s house, for the 4th of July. Watching a fireworks display close to Rick’s house is very spectacular as we can see very well all the fireworks that goes up in the air. The fireworks are very stunning which I have never seen growing up in the Philippines. Aside from watching fireworks tonight, I also wanted to stop by at Seoul Market, and buy Bean Bread if the store is open. 

How about you, what are you looking forward to today? As for me, I always looked forward each day to see my tomato on our porch. Seeing tiny tomatoes on the branches makes me happy knowing each day the tomatoes are growing one day at a time. The bell pepper does not have any flowers yet but its good to see it is growing as well same with my lemon grass.

I Am Getting Obsessed

July 01, 2013

Today is the first day of the month. As you noticed I have not really updated all of my 3 blogs. Not getting any tasks to work with is very disappointing so I had decided not to post anymore. Though posting on a regular basis could improve my page rank but its alright. Anyway, how’s the weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas, the weather has not been very hot unlike the other parts of the country wherein the temperature reached up to 130 degrees.

Way too hot, that could even cook cookies outside. With the temperature here in Northwest Arkansas, around 80’s we are all enjoying this kind of weather. Just yesterday, we went to Golf  Mountain and played mini golf instead of going to the park. We all liked it especially Charles. In fact when I asked Charles last night whether we will go to Chuck E. Cheese’s or Golf Mountain on his birthday and he answered, both.

I guess we will go to both on these places as his father already told him as well and Charles was very excited. Seems like yesterday, I can’t believed my son, Charles will be turning 5 in September and he is looking forward to his birthday. Well, I haven’t done many things lately and I am getting obsessed with my plants outside, tomato, bell peppers and lemon grass.

Watching my plants makes me excited knowing I can reap some tomatoes and bell peppers in the next few weeks. How about you? What have you planted in your garden? Its better to grow your own produce instead of buying it from the store even though they are very inexpensive. Knowing my produce, where they are coming from gives me a peace of mind that these plants are not loaded with pesticides.

June Is Almost Over

June 23, 2013

Time flies really fast. Before we all know it, the month of June is almost over and so is our trip visiting my sister’s-in-law. Its alright, Charles is having fun playing with his aunts and in just a few weeks they are going to visit us for the summer. Charles’ 5th birthday is in September and they are going to be there as well on his birthday. With his birthday less than 3 months away he is very excited about it and he wants 2 cakes on his birthday. One is a Brad Keselowski, and the other a Menards with number 27 car on top. 

Well, how’s the weather like in your area? In here, it was raining this morning before we went to church. I have been to the church where my sister‘s-in-law goes, Assembly of God a couple of times but I still like the way Catholics do the Mass at the church every Sunday. Today, to be honest it was such a long day being at the church for me. And I am not the only one that had those feelings. Somebody was using their phones browsing on the web and playing games which is very common nowadays when you are at the church.

It Doesn't Have To Be Perfect

June 17, 2013

Only a few days away, we are going to visit my sister’s-in-law and we are going to attend a wedding. I usually pack our clothes ahead of time but unfortunately I haven’t packed anything yet. I have been sick over the last few days now and I don’t feel like doing any chores at this time. At least though, Doug is here and is off for the summer so he can do some household chores.

Just today, he folded our clothes that’s been sitting in the laundry room for days. The way he folded the clothes are not that neat but it doesn’t have to be perfect. I’m still not used to the way he gives Charles bath so I ended up finishing it for him today. Well, I haven’t done so much lately aside from watching shows on television.

I have been watching the NBA Finals though I don’t really care so much about the Stanley Cup Finals. I think Stanley Cup, US Open, and MLB are boring shows to watch on television. For me, I only appreciate the game once I watch it in person just like Football and NASCAR. To make matters even worse the weather has been really rainy as of late.  

Charles Was Very Thoughtful

June 10, 2013

I got sick over the last few days and I’m glad I am feeling so much better now. My son, Charles was very thoughtful as he kept on checking up on me. I got lots of kisses from him and he always says; I hope you feel better soon. Thank God! With all the problems that we’ve been having it has been really difficult for me. I am the type of person who gets emotional right away and its really hard for me to talk about it. Though we have something to look forward to for this month as we are going to pay-off our BMW X5. 

Aside from paying off the car Doug, is going to buy 4 new tires and change the brake lights as well. Just like every month we have unexpected finances and its very disappointing. Never realized Doug has to pay for tire disposal once they install the new tires in our car. At least though we can get a $50 mail-in-rebate. The other thing that we are looking forward to for this month is visiting Doug’s family. His cousin, Marla, and her fiancé Mike are getting married and we are invited to the wedding. My sister-in-law, Connie is going to sing during the wedding and I’m sure Charles would be so excited to hear his aunt sing. 

I wonder whether Charles would scream, Bravo, Bravo once his aunt Connie is done singing. Visiting my sister’s-in-law is going to be fun. Its around summer and I’m sure the pool will be open by then and Charles loves being in the water. I don’t know how to swim though his aunt Connie can teach Charles how to swim. Well, I haven’t done so many things lately aside from teaching Charles how to write his name. Its quite difficult when I taught Charles as he is definitely left handed when he writes his name.

Tonight Is Going To Be A Great Night

June 02, 2013

I have been watching the NBA Eastern Conference Finals between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat. As you know the games are tied 3-3 and hopefully the Miami Heat can win the next game tomorrow. It was a very disappointing game last night as most of the Miami Heat players couldn’t even make a free throw shot. I do really like the Miami Heat and if ever the team could make it to the finals it would be very difficult for the team to win. I saw how Tony Parker played for the San Antonio Spurs and he is really good despite being so short. 

Anyway, tonight is going to be a great night for me. It’s the season premiere of Keeping Up With The Kardashians, The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Princesses: Long Island on Bravo. Two of these shows are aired at the same time so I have to record it which makes the show even shorter than regular airtime as I skip the commercials. Speaking of commercials is there a commercial that gets onto your nerves? Well, I have a lots and KFC, I ate the bones is one of them. Geez! In my opinion Popeyes Chicken is more delicious than KFC. So better try it for yourself to find out what I’m talking about.

We Had Power Outage

June 01, 2013

With the severe weather we’ve been having over the last few days we have to worry about power outages as well. In almost six years of living here in the U.S., I can count on my fingers how many times we had power off. Just yesterday we had a power outage just in time, I was cooking our dinner. There were foods inside the oven, the stove top, and the microwave. Our washer and dryer are running as well. Thankfully Doug was here and he reported our issue to our electric company, Carroll Electric Cooperative and they responded to our issue right away. About 10 minutes later we got our power back and finished cooking all of our food. 

Anyway, we’re all enjoying that my husband, Doug is out of school. Charles is up earlier than normal and plays more with his dad all the time. Now that my husband is off from work I have been planning to practice driving our car over the weekend. Though we spend our time watching NASCAR Racing every weekend and we don’t want to miss any races. The more we watch NASCAR Sprint Cup the more we get to know all the race car drivers. Unlike the NBA, NFL and other sports teams the players are kind of snobs and don’t want to interact with the fans. 

 have seen Major League Baseball, and College Football at the stadium and the crowd is very different from the racing fans. Which makes me want to watch another NASCAR race again in the future. Doug and I really like it though Charles said; “it is very loud“. But when he saw his favorite race car driver, Brad Keselowski his eyes brightens up and puts a smile on his face.

Knee Walker Rental

Just last year at school one of Doug’s fellow coaches tore his Achilles heel. An Achilles injury is pretty horrible as it makes you very immobile. Coach Johnson though was lucky enough to have a knee walker to use. Knee walkers are much easier to use then crutches and are handy as well. Though the cost of a new knee walker is pretty high luckily you can find a good knee walker rental to get you through.

(LT) Tree Hut: The First Step To Natural Beauty

May 30, 2013

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 photo treehutfoot-GoogleSearch_zpsdd84afd4.jpg
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 photo NaturalBeauty_zpsee4503b1.jpg
I just created my summer Natural Beauty Style and I would love to share it with you. To hear more exciting news about these products be sure to like Tree Hut on Facebook, and follow Tree Hut on Twitter  and encourage your friends to do the same. Tree Hut products are available at Walmart stores nationwide.
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Doug's Last Day at School

May 28, 2013

Today is my husband Doug’s last day at school. Thank God, the school year is over. He can spend more time with us and play with Charles most of the time. This summer Doug and some of his wrestlers are going to World’ of Fun in Kansas City. Charles and I are not going because some of the kids are going to ride in our car. Of course, Charles was disappointed when I told him that we can’t go to Kansas City. 

He asked me; “Why the kids can’t ride in their own car? Why can’t they ride the school bus?” I really don’t mind not going to World’s of Fun, as we are going to visit his sisters in June. Visiting my sisters-in-law is quite a trip and Charles doesn’t like taking long trips at all. Well, only 3 days left and this month is almost over. What have you been doing so far before the summer comes? As for me, I’m planning to practice driving our car so I can have my driver’s license. 

To be honest I am really nervous thinking about myself driving the car on the road. I know its good for me to be able to drive on my own so I can go anywhere I want but sometimes it just freaks me out. Sometimes when we are on the busy highway like the Interstate, I always tell Doug I can’t live here in the U.S. by myself. It’s very nerve racking. 

Anyway, only a few days left before the season premiere of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, and Keeping Up With The Kardashians. What can I say, I am a Bravoholic fan. Aside from watching reality shows on television I have been watching the NBA Conference Finals. I pull for the Miami Heat and Charles likes the Miami Heat as well.

I Was Very Impressed

May 20, 2013

We’ve been living here in Arkansas for a couple of years now we have been exploring the area. I do really like living here in Northwest Arkansas. It’s very scenic specially going down to Eureka Springs. Yesterday, while exploring some Flea Markets and Antique Stores Doug had decided to go to Siloam Springs and eat at the Cherokee Casino.

Driving down to Siloam Springs felt like we’re going to nowhere. No signs on the road and noticed few drivers in front of us are driving under the speed limit which was kind of annoying. So we found Cherokee Casino across the border of Arkansas and Oklahoma. As soon as we got inside the door slot machines are busy and the restaurant that we’re looking was just beside the corner.

I was really impressed by River Cane. The restaurant looked very pricey but I was amazed how affordable it was to eat at River Cane Buffet. They had nice selections of menus from different cultures which was a good thing. As usual Charles liked the noodles and he ate quite a few. On our way back home Charles kept on asking; are we there yet?

Thank God it didn’t took us so long driving back home. We also had Charles haircut and I was very impressed how brave he was when trimmers were used for the first time on his hair.

Things That Charles Is Not Good At

May 16, 2013

My four year old son, Charles is very competitive in every game we have. It makes him very happy every time he wins the games. He always gets mad when he losses a game. Aside from playing games Charles also gets upset when his favorite NASCAR driver, Brad Keselowski does not win the race and his race car color is not blue. Doug and I always tell Charles that he cannot win all the time. 

 We also tell him Brad Keselowski’s race car changes its paint scheme for sponsors and he is the same driver even if not in his blue Miller Lite car. It is not good for him when he plays with the other kids especially when he goes to school next year. Those are the only things that Charles is not good at, losing games and Brad Keselowski not winning races or having a different paint scheme for his race car.

Putting Up New Mounting Brackets

As the summer begins it is once again time to work on improving our home and yard. With my husband, Doug being a teacher the summer is our preferred time for home improvement. One of the easiest and yet most exciting things for this summer is putting up new mounting brackets for our big screen HDTV. Elevating your TV makes for a more enjoyable watching experience. It is also much safer if you have young children around.

Delicious Crabs

May 07, 2013

Growing up I hated doing household chores and it always made me cry when I have to work around the house. Being married changed me quite a bit as I don’t mind doing chores to keep our house clean and cooking is one of them. Cooking is my favorite thing to do rather than buying frozen meals from the grocery store. Today, I went to A’Chau Oriental Market and I was very excited when I saw live crabs. Though Charles was scared when he saw the crabs moving and he kept on saying; I’m scared, I’m scared with his hands on his chest. When we got back home I cooked the crabs. I added minced ginger, coconut cream, salt, spinach, and it was very delicious. 

Going to A’Chau Oriental Market, and Manna Oriental Market are just like shopping for clothes and shoes. You’ll never know what you can find at the store. Aside from seafood the store also has vegetables, and fruits.

We Are Invited For The Wedding

May 01, 2013

Whoa! First day of the month and I am looking forward for this month to be over right away. Just kidding! But anyway, only 4 weeks left and the school year will be over. My hubby is very tired especially at the end of the school year so he is looking forward for this month to be over as well. For next month, my husband’s cousin, Marla is getting married and we are invited for the wedding. 

Just in time for the summer as we are going to visit his sisters before they visit us in July. Aside from visiting my husbands sisters Doug is planning to go to World’s of Fun in Kansas City. I have not been to World’s of Fun as it doesn’t excites me thinking about the roller coasters and other rides. Not being a scary cat, I just don’t want to ride the roller coasters.

Folgers Coffee

My son, Charles and I both love coffee. There is no better way to start my day then a nice warm cup. I have found my favorite brand and it is Folger’s. If you want the same great taste and a whole sale price on folgers coffee click here.  The best at a great price is always something that I am looking for.

Today Is Going To Be a Great Day

April 28, 2013

Well, only 3 days left before the end of April and I know we are all looking forward for the summer to come. The weather has been weird lately and the other day we had severe storms. Finally today, I saw the sun shinning through our window and I want to get out from the house and do something fun. Speaking of fun, just last week we watched the NASCAR Sprint Cup STP 400 at the Kansas Speedway and we all loved it. 

All the race car drivers drove the cars very fast and I am amazed every time the car passed where we sat at. Very loud even though we are all wearing earplugs. My son, Charles was very excited when he saw the number 2 race car of his favorite driver, Brad Keselowski. Of course we saw all the drivers before the race began when they were on their way to their respective race cars. Though the one that hit the jackpot was Charles.  

My husband, Doug bought a couple of NASCAR cars and other collectibles for Charles especially from his favorite driver Brad Keselowski. Watching NASCAR Sprint Cup race last week makes us wants to watch another race in October though it would be great if we can get more free tickets. I like the atmosphere at the racetrack and the people seems very nice even though we are pulling for different drivers. Charles did a great job during our first NASCAR Sprint Cup race even though he fell asleep for about 40 minutes during the race. Well, we got up too early then. 

We really had a great time and Charles got to play with his aunt Connie and they had so much fun playing. Anyway, today I am planning to use my Dillard’s gift card and Victoria’s Secret rewards cards. I have 2 Victoria’s Secret rewards cards and if I don’t use them they will go to waste. Today, is Hero Appreciation Day offered by Krispy Kreme and I have my coupon to buy any dozen, and get a second dozen original glazed doughnuts for free. Surely, today is going to be a great day for us.

Whitehall Products at Mailbox and Beyond

April 24, 2013

Whenever you are looking for address plaques, address signs, or house address plaques, whitehall products has a great selection just for you. As well as a huge selection of almost any type of outdoor decorations for your homes, Whitehall products has just the designs that you are looking for. Aside from address plaques, and mailboxes the store also offer customized home and garden decor like crocks, lanterns, birdfeeders and sundials. All these fully customizable products are the perfect  way to keep your house and yard more beautiful and interesting. 

What a great way to make your home, yard or garden yours then to have it decorated with your own personal items. Personalized doormats are also available to suit your needs, what better way to invite in your guests then to have them greeted at your doorstep. Take advantage of the free shipping on your online order. The Whitehall products website is easy to use and the whole shopping experience is very rewarding.

We have Airport Parking Covered

April 18, 2013

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Hot Light App from Krispy Kreme

April 16, 2013

I only have a few apps on my iPhone but the one that I am looking forward to is the Hot Light app from Krispy Kreme. Having the Hot Light app means I know when they have hot doughnuts and I would love to have glazed doughnuts which are my favorite and Charles’ as well. Last night, when I installed the app on my iPhone my husband thought I really wanted some doughnuts though he can’t eat them anymore. He’s watching on his food intake and sweets are not good for him. Being a diabetic makes him feel really sad especially now that he can’t eat all the foods that he really likes. Just the other day, my husband, Doug had his checkup and the result was good though it would be better to hear it was great. 

Well, last night I was laying in bed wide awake when I remembered fiesta celebration is less than a month away. It has been a long time that I wasn’t around with my loved ones during fiesta and I know I am missing a lot of great memories from the past. It may not be the happiest memories for other people around me but for me those are great ones and I will cherish them all forever. With so many things I miss in the Philippines it makes me smile when someone posts pictures on Facebook of people that I know before. 

Most of them are getting older and some closest family friends have passed away. Anyway, Spring has finally sprung. The flowers are blossoming and I can see the leaves beginning to grow from the trees. Since my husband has nothing to do over the weekend I would love to drive around down to Beaver Lake. Driving down to Beaver Lake is very scenic specially at this time of the year. The trees are very pretty to look at and I am always ecstatic to see the beauty of nature.

CV Joints

When we first bought our BMW X5 four years ago we took it into a mechanic we had used to give it a check over. There were not many problems but one was a torn CV Boot. If you are not familiar with CV Joints they are vital to the driveshaft of your vehicles. You cannot skimp on having the best CV Joint in your vehicle.  Luckily, our mechanic pointed out the problem along with a front end alignment which allowed us to get the dealer to repair those items before we bought the car. 

Now, that we are looking to buy another car this summer I wonder what else I will have to become knowledgeable about. This summer we are also looking at building a new structure on our property. We are looking to add an out shed that will be metal and used to store our tools and Charles’ big cars. We will get a Metal Fabrication estimate to custom make this new structure.

My Flea Market Finds

April 08, 2013

Way back in 2008 Doug always took me to Antique Stores, and Flea Markets and I hated almost every time. Now, going to Antique Stores, and Flea Markets makes me very interested at looking in every booth hoping to find something that catches my eyes. Last Friday, I went to the Flea Market here in town and I got excited when I found the rose flowers for just $1.99 and vase for just $1. We hardly buy fresh flowers for the house because my husband, Doug has allergy and he keeps on sneezing. 

I know I can find much cheaper items at garage sales but as of now I don’t feel like getting up early in the morning and looking for garage sales. The other reason why we look around at Antique Stores, and Flea Market is to look for Charles NASCAR Cars collection. Charles has nearly 200 NASCAR cars now.

Married to Medicine on Bravo

April 01, 2013

With so many shows to watch on television I can’t get enough of Bravo’s, Married to Medicine. Two housewives are Medical Doctor and other housewives are married to an MD as well. One of the housewives, Quad Webb-Lunceford, has a very strong personality though she is quite funny to watch. Last night, Quad was guest of Watch What Happens: Live on Bravo and she was hilarious. Aside from Married to Medicine, I am also looking forward for the season premiere of The Real Housewives of Orange County tonight and Don’t Be Tardy, airing this April 16 on Bravo. 

Anyway, three of my magazine subscriptions are going to expire this June and I am not planning to renew 2 of them even though I still have rewards points to use with my Coke Rewards. I am not really impressed with either  Bon Appetit and Cooking Delight Magazines as it doesn‘t show a lot of pictures of the food recipes in the magazine. Well, it has been a long time since I have received any tasks from one of my favorite publishing sites. Its kind of disappointing knowing I still have $37 due to me and I need to wait until I reach $50 before they can send out my payments.

I Definitely Gained Weight

March 24, 2013

I definitely gained weight over the last few years now and it is hard to lose some weight. Last night, I tried sit-ups and I couldn’t even bend my body towards my knees. How sad is that? Though I have been planning that I am going to slow down in eating every meal but for some reason every time I eat Pinoy foods I always forgot that I need to lose weight. Over the last few days now I’ve been eating vegetables bamboo shoots, long beans, bitternut squash, and dried fish and it tasted really good together. I always eat with my hands and never use any spoon or fork. 

Eating these types of foods always reminds me of how we eat in the Philippines. Only simple meals yet taste really good. I am not a big snack eater but I always make sure to have rice in every meal. Oh well, I am still disappointed that I haven’t gotten any grab bags from my other publishing sites. I still have payments coming though I need to wait until I reached $50 before they can send out my payments.

Charles Updated NASCAR Collection

March 23, 2013

My husband, Doug is very obsessive so he put up all of Charles NASCAR Cars collection last night. He already has 156 NASCAR Cars all together. With Charles a huge NASCAR fan, and Nationwide Series fan he knows all the race car drivers, name of the car, and their numbers. Though his favorite NASCAR driver of all time is Brad Keselowski, whenever he is close to winning a race he gets very excited when he watches the race every Sunday and even practices. 

Aside from Charles’ NASCAR Cars collection he also have lots of Monster Trucks, Matchbox, and Hot Wheels Cars collections. I would definitely post a picture of them when my husband puts all of Charles cars together sometime soon.

Auto Tire Changers

My husband, Doug just last week before we went to Branson had to go get a tire fixed on his car. Doug, was really impressed by the equipment in the tire shop. Doug used to work in a shop when he was younger and really appreciated the best buy auto tire changers that were used in the shop. As Doug always say it is always better to buy the best.

Spring Break is Almost Over

March 22, 2013

My husband’s Spring Break is almost over so we had decided to do something fun outside the house today. I shopped at Victoria’s Secret and used some of my money that I got from blogging. Doug decided to stop by at Marshalls but we couldn’t find anything that we both liked. We also went to an antique store, Think Outside the Box here in Rogers, Arkansas. The store was so big and there were some booths that are still empty. We found lots of NASCAR Cars though it was way overpriced so we didn’t end up going home with a bunch of cars. 

After the antique store I went to A’Chau Oriental Market. I was so excited when I saw jackfruit, mango, long beans, and milkfish. The jackfruit tasted really good as I ate it all after our dinner. And for my mangoes I am going to make my homemade mango ice cream. Just add whip cream, condensed milk, vanilla and blend it all together. Charles likes when I make my homemade ice cream though when it is only mangoes he won’t eat them.

Branson is Already Crowded with Tourists

March 21, 2013

Spring has just began and Branson is already crowded with tourists from people around the country. How much more during summer? Just the other day we went to Branson and ate at Joe’s Crab Shack. We ordered Joe’s steam pot for two and our crab legs, and shrimp tasted really good. I shopped at Tanger Outlet while my husband, Doug and Charles shopped for themselves. I found a lot of great items and amazing deals on Levi’s Jeans. Of all the stores that I shopped at in Branson, I was impressed most by Tommy Hilfiger. I bought a pair of shirts and the price was very affordable. They have a great clothing line and I could see myself wearing their clothes from now on. 

After Branson, we also stopped by at my husband’s friends house in Ozark, Missouri. Greg is married to a Filipina and I was glad when I met her. We stayed for a couple of hours and chatted, while Charles and Greg’s son Brody enjoyed playing. It was around 9 o’clock when we checked in at AmericInn Hotel in Republic. I guess we were the last people to check in at the hotel and the room that my husband, Doug had reserved for us was already used. So they upgraded our room from regular to suite room with the same rate as the other one. It was a great deal specially when we got inside the room and saw the jacuzzi in the corner. 

Since it was late for us to go swimming at the pool we soaked ourselves at the jacuzzi. Charles really enjoyed it. The next day he was in the jacuzzi again. We also visited the NASCAR store in Springfield, Missouri. Charles was in heaven when he saw all the NASCAR Cars in the store, as he said it was his dream. We also went to Bass Pro Shops and saw a NASCAR trailer outside Bass Pro. Guess what’s inside? A real NASCAR Car of Bass Pro Shops, and number 3 car of Dale Earnhardt SR. It was just an amazing day for Charles and I am glad I went with them before I went shopping.


March 14, 2013

Only a few days left before the Spring begins. How are you going to spend your Spring break? My family and me are going to Branson this Tuesday and visit his friends in Springfield, Missouri. Charles wants to go to Bass Pro Shops and I would love to shop at Tanger Outlet in Branson. 

Well today, I bought 2 new pairs of XAPPEAL Sandals from Rack Room Shoes. The sandals were on sale plus BOGO half off price off. I thought it was a great deal specially since I have trouble in finding the right size for my feet. I am very comfortable wearing sandals and jeans during spring and summer. Then we headed to Shogun Japanese Steakhouse for our dinner. Charles ate most of his noodles on his plate even though he was having a hard time in using chopsticks. My husband, Doug also liked his food and I am glad he tried on sushi. Me, I never really liked my food. The noodles and the vegetables were too bland so I only ate all the shrimp of my hibachi order.

We are planning to go to Branson

March 11, 2013

On my husband’s spring break Doug, and I are planning to go to Branson and visit some of his friends in Springfield. It has been a couple of years now since the last time we went to Branson and I would love to go shopping at Tanger Outlet. I love to shop at outdoor malls especially when the weather is warm outside. The kind of weather that we’ve been having over the last few days has been anything except warm and sunny. It’s been raining most of the time and the weather is getting colder. 

Hopefully during my husband spring break the weather would be nicer so we can do fun things outside the house. I still have my Dillard’s gift card that I got from Christmas this year and I would love to use it. Driving the car is definitely on my lists to do during Doug’s spring break so I can take the driving test and get my driver’s license. Doing things with my boys like groceries and shopping are not fun things to do especially with my 4 year old son, Charles. 

As soon as he got what he really wanted from Walmart he wants to go home right away. Charles also gets bored every time we go shopping of course it irritates me quite a bit. Of course Charles is just four and every four years old gets bored shopping for clothes. Yes I have my moments and I keep on trying to be a better mother for him.

Stretch Your Dollars by Using Online Coupons

March 06, 2013

Stretch your dollars by using online coupons on everything you buy both at your local stores and online as well. As a mom I have been using coupons basically on groceries, clothing, and shoes for the last three years. Just the other day, I used my Victoria’s Secret Gift Card that I got from Valentine’s Day. With my gift card I used Coupon Chief coupon codes as I shopped at Victoria’s Secret’s website. Using the gift card was great but stretching the gift card even farther with a good coupon really made me feel like I was getting a great deal. If you are still paying the full price on everything you buy at the store or online you’re not getting the most out of your  money. Coupon Chief coupon codes has thousands of coupons to use on every thing you want or need for yourself and your family. The coupon codes are easy to use both at the store and online. I have used Coupon Chief coupon codes many times over the last year and they have saved me a lot of money on everything from clothing to shoes to toys for Charles. Even my husband has used coupon codes to order MMA style shirts online as well as shorts and hats.

Pella Windows

March 05, 2013

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No Grab Bag Offers

It has been a long time that I have not received a grab bag offers from one of my favorite blog advertising sites. The worst part is I could not get my payment of $37 because they adjusted the payment threshold to $50. How can I get my payment when there are no more grab brag offers or tasks coming? Another blog advertising site charged $2 fee when a blogger withdrew under $50. Thankfully my husband, Doug has his own job to provide our basic needs and pay our bills. If I have to rely on my income from blogging we would not have enough for my family not even even for our phone bill each month.

Mommy You Need To Buy That

March 03, 2013

Yesterday, Charles and I watched the State Youth Wrestling Tournament, at the High School my husband, Doug coaches at. I thought Charles would be interested in watching wrestling but he wasn’t. He said he was bored and wanted to go home so he can do his car race and play basketball right after we got inside the school gym. While watching some kids wrestle and others were asleep I realized how long a day it was for them. I imagined being at the school before 8 o’clock in the morning until 5 o’clock in the afternoon would a very long day. Charles and I watched the tournament for about one hour and he thinks we’ve been there for ages. He really wanted to go home really bad. 

When my husband, Doug took us to eat at the hospitality room in his classroom Charles was more excited when he ate cake frosting rather then watching wrestling. So Doug, drove us back home as soon us we entered the garage Charles sang “Home Sweet Home”, he was just too happy when we got back home and played race cars right away. With my four years old son, Charles it seemed like I already have a teenager in the house. Just yesterday, he saw a Proactive commercial on television and Charles said; “Mommy You Need to buy that”. I burst out laughing really loud as I wasn’t expecting Charles would recommend Proactive for me and Tag Away for his father. 

Besides I never use any beauty products on my face just to look beautiful. I don’t want to waste my time and money in buying beauty products. I like the way I look and won’t apply any products to my face. This is who I am and my face is not going to change to keep me looking younger. Also, Charles wanted to go to the North Pole and ask Santa Claus for a new Scooter, a Geico Nascar, and Rip for his World Grand Prix. Television commercials are always sold out when it comes to my son, Charles as he wants to buy them all. For dining commercials when he knew we have never eaten on the place during commercial Charles will say ”mama we have never eat there we need to go there“.

I Don't Know Any Bloggers from China

February 25, 2013

As a blogger have you ever wondered where your audience and traffic sources are coming from? When I checked my stats today I noticed I had 3,716 page views last month from China, not including other page views from other countries. This makes me a little bit worried as I don’t know any bloggers from China and I have never visited any blogs from China. Well, as you can see on my blogs I only have a few posts that are posted. Not getting tasks from blog advertising sites makes me feel lazy and not want to update my blogs as much. 

Anyway, how’s your weather like in your area? Here in Northwest Arkansas we’ve been pretty lucky enough when it comes to weather. Just a couple of days ago we had severe storms and I was very thankful it wasn’t bad as expected by weather forecasters. Those days we had storms my husband, Doug was gone to the State Wrestling Tournament in Little Rock, Arkansas. And speaking of that wrestling tournament well, the kids got beat really bad and I knew how much Doug was really disappointed. I was disappointed as well when I found out about his wrestlers didn’t get as many medals as expected. 

How much more when my son, Charles would wrestle in the future? Surely his first loss would be heartbreaking for me. My husband’s wrestlers are not his kids but I could feel the disappointment every time someone wrestled and lost each match. Its just hard to see when someone looses knowing how hard they practiced for the last year.

Stack Up on Dried Fish

February 18, 2013

We all had quite a busy day yesterday. Charles got his haircut at Sports Clips and he did a great job when the lady cut his hair. Doug used his Dillard’s gift card that he got from Christmas last year. I didn’t buy anything when we went shopping though I was looking forward to looking for sandals in my size which is 5. Then we went to the Asian Store in Springdale, Manna Oriental. I got excited when I saw dried fish inside the refrigerator so I bought 6 packs of them and other Pinoy products. That’s the dried fish that I really like the best so I thought I better stack up on them.

Business Cards Printing

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Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen

February 15, 2013

I loved our Ice Cream Cake from Dairy Queen.  It looked pretty and it tasted really good. Charles picked it himself and I think he did a great job. He knew mommy's favorite color is pink. Though Charles didn't give me a Valentine's balloon as my husband said, no more good balloons were left at Walmart. My husband gave me a Victoria's Secret Gift Card, and a Rice Cooker & Food Steamer. The gifts were just perfect because the Secret Rewards Card from Victoria's Secret is back on February 28. For our dinner I made Lasagna and it tasted really good together with garlic bread.

Get To Know Marty Hanaka

Recently I was reading Bloomberg Businessweek and came across an interesting article about marty hanaka. Mr. Hanaka is the Executive Vice President and Chief Executive Officer of a company I have blogged about many times, Guitar Center. I found it interesting that this man runs a company that is so successful and that I have used that company to order instruments for my son, Charles.

New Pairs of Levi's Jeans

February 11, 2013

My feet are still sore from walking yesterday. We went to two different Antique Stores and Charles got NASCAR Cars and 2 Drag Race Cars. I also shopped at Kohl’s while Doug and Charles were both sleeping in the car. I bought 2 pairs of Levi’s Jeans, and shirt that was on clearance. I do really liked Skinny Levi's Jeans. It fits perfectly on me and most of all it was on clearance.  Then we head down to Walmart for our grocery shopping. 

Since Valentine’s Day is Thursday I had decided not to eat out for dinner as we have been eating out most of the time. It usually takes 30-45 minutes to wait at the restaurant even though Doug will make a reservation for our dinner. Charles doesn’t like waiting and he always complains, this is taking so long. We all love lasagna and I think it will be a great meal for Valentine's Day.

What I Loved About the Super Bowl

February 04, 2013

We were driving on our way down to Fayetteville when Charles, read the road sign, “Road Work Ahead”. Charles said; “Road Work Ahead but no people are working”. Charles is very opinionated he says what’s on his mind with a sense of humor. Just like when I told Charles, you were inside my tummy and Charles said, “Why did you eat me? I was laughing so hard when I heard it from him. Well, Valentine’s Day is just a few days away and Charles wants to buy Valentine’s balloon for me. He said it is his surprise for me and he kept on saying it over and over again. I asked him where are you going to get the money and he said in his piggy bank. He knows where his money is. 

Anyway, I had watched Super Bowl XLVII last night and I loved Alicia Keys, soulful rendition of Star Spangled Banner. I also loved the halftime show with Beyonce and former Destiny’s Child members Michelle Williams, and Kelly Rowland. And for Super Bowl commercials I like the M&M’s, Tide, Taco Bell, and Pistachios. The Super Bowl XLVII Champions goes to the Baltimore Ravens they beat the San Francisco 49ers 34-31. The 49ers were behind and made a comeback after the power outage around the 3rd quarter but the night was for Baltimore Ravens. 

On Super Bowl XLVII

February 01, 2013

Who would have thought the San Francisco 49ers, and Baltimore Ravens would play in Super Bowl XLVII? Neither did I as I was thinking one of these NFL teams would play on the Super Bowl, Green Bay Packers, New Orleans Saints, Denver Broncos, Atlanta Falcons, or New York Giants. Watching Super Bowl XLVII is quite interesting to watch both head coaches, Jim and John Harbaugh, are brothers. 

I have seen their parents interviewed by media outlets and the couple are very happy and proud for their son’s achievements. Surely the game is very emotional to watch especially at the very end of the game. Imagine these brothers are competing against each other to win the Super Bowl XLVII Championship?