Downton Abbey Season 3

January 06, 2013

What a beautiful day out today. I am planning to practice in driving the car today before we go to Walmart to buy our grocery for the week. Charles also wants to drive his jeep as he never got to drive yesterday because of the weather. Later, I have shows to watch on television though I need to record some of the show so I can watch them and skip during commercials. Tonight is the season premiere of Downton Abbey Season 3, and Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, and of course my favorite shows on Bravo. I have never watch Downton Abbey from the previous season so my husband had already added the show into our Netflix que. 

He already taught me how to use his X-box so I can watch Downton Abbey anytime I want. Aside from Downton Abbey, I never have watched Here Comes Honey Boo Boo, on TLC but my sister’s-in-law love watching the show so I want to record the show tonight. I am also looking forward to watch the new season of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami. My husband doesn’t like the Kardashians but I just want to watch the show and I think they are all crazy.


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