Industrial Metal Supply

January 02, 2013

If you are in the need of anything and I mean anything made of metal be sure to check out, Industrial Metal Supply Company. Industrial Metal specializes in a wide array of metals including; brass, aluminum, cast iron, cerro blend, copper, lead, stainless steel, steel, terro steel, silicon bronze and zinc. A huge number in the types of metals available but that would be worthless to you if Industrial Metal could not do so much with their metals. No need to worry though as Laser Cutting, Production Shearing as well as Cutting & Band Sawing are available for all the metals they provide. Standard shapes are of course available such as angle, bar, beam, ingot, channel, pipe, plate, sheet, shop or tube. 

If you need custom shapes or metals though they are available in diamond plates, corrugated sheets, speed rail fittings, telescoping tubes as well as many others.  Start your New Year off right by getting the best in product, service and price all in one convenient location by using Industrial Metal Supply Company. Ease of use by using along with industry leading quality at a great price is just what your business needs for whatever jobs you have in your future.


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