Photo Scanning Services

January 10, 2013

Like many today my husband, Doug and I are 100% digital when it comes to photos and videos. This is great as we can take as many pictures and videos as we want without the cost of printing and buying film. We have folder after folder full of pictures of our life together let alone the thousands of our son, Charles from birth till today. Doug though has often talked of how nice it would be to have digital photos of his family and the thousands of pictures from growing up. 

Luckily for Doug and others like us there are companies out there doing photo scanning services that do what he wants. is one such company that specialized in photo scanning and putting your favorite photos to cd. Having digital images makes it much easier to look at your photos without damaging them. It is also very convent to carry photos on your phone as well. Doug and I both have thousands of photos on our iPhones for example.


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